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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by maks244, Jul 31, 2016.

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    Can someone please make me this plugin:

    Name: BanWaves (for 1.8.1)

    What I want:

    This plugin will basically execute a ton of commands every 24 hours.
    The Ban wave: is an event that bans (x) ammount of players every wave.

    How it works: When a staff member runs a command it adds the given player name to the list. Every wave, the console will ban all of the players on the list.

    Consoles end: Every wave, the console will access the list and start executing the /ban command to all of the players on the list.

    /banwave add <player> <reason>
    - adds a player to the list - banwave.add
    Output: <player> has been added to the ban wave. They will be banned in the next wave.

    /banwave remove <player> - removes a player from the list - banwave.remove
    Output: <player> has been removed from the ban wave.

    /banwave execute - starts a ban wave instantly - banwave.execute
    Output: Banwave is starting.

    /banwave off/on - disables/enables the wave - banwave.toggle
    Output: Banwave disabled. All players on the list will no longer be banned.

    /banwave reload - reloads the config - banwave.reload
    Output: Config reloaded.

    What the console does:
    The console runs /ban <player> <reason> for every player on the list.

    Config: I don't really mind how it looks, all I ask is that you can edit the output options in the commands, with color code support.

    This file stores all of the names on the ban list. The list is cleared every wave OR when the plugin is toggled off

    When i'd like it by: as soon as possible!

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    This is a good idea, and I will think about this. Maybe I'll start playing around with some code, I'll let you know if I get anywhere. otherwise, I think I have a friend that can help. My only weakness is the Toggle. I try booleans with it, and It does not work so well in the plugin I'm currently making.

    EDIT: Also, the API I use is for 1.8.9, and My conditions are that you have to meet the version requirements. Update your server please.
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    Thank you for replying it really means a lot to me. About the version thing: my server is running spigot 1.8.7 so it doesn't matter anyway ( i think). About the toggle thing: it would be handy but i don't need it cuz i can just disable the plugin.

    EDIT: So i need spigot 1.8.9?

    EDIT 2: And if i need to update my server version how do i do it?
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    I'm using craftbukkit buddy, but spigot API is ok to. And if it's 1.8.7, I guess I'll dj that then. Ok have it ready for you soon!
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    I'm quite unsure what the purpose of this would be, couldn't you just execute the ban command :3?
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    ^^^^^ I agree with this so much! ban waves are useless!!! Just ban them when you catch them because then if they aren't banned instantly, the server is at risk longer!
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    So that the hackers will find it harder to know which particular hack they were caught for.

    Thank you very much!

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    Why does it matter what hack they know they are caught for? It dosen't seem particularly important to me. At least a better thing to do is restrict them from gameplay such as PVP until they are banned.
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    @Kwright02 Then they'd know they are getting banned ;P
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    So I didn't have to do this? I had it ready. Damn, I'll just publish it
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    @MordorKing78 Why Does It Matter If they Know They Are Being Banned? It's Going to Happen Anyway So What's The Big Deal?
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    @Kwright02 Ik, I don't really understand it either.
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    @Kwright02 Knowing which hack they got banned for and exactly what they did with that hack could make developing hacked clients much easier, pretty much like the concept of Valve Anti Cheat
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    @frej4189 Eh, the bans are being handled manually by a staff member. So no matter what the account is still getting banned if humanly detected.
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    @DuaneTheDev_ That's not the point though, if they get banned at the exact time, they would know exactly which hacks they were banned for, if you read what I said, you would've known that, the point is the same as Valve Anti Cheat:

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