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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Hopp00, Nov 15, 2013.

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    What if Bukkit created a 1.7.2 Temporary Version that had none of the newer blocks, commands, any of the new stuff? Just until they get the first real 1.7.2 Out? Idk if this is possible, but I was just curious.
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    What do you think the dev version is going to be ?
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    ...The dev version is going to have the new blocks.
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    I'm just thinking... because they're having some problems with the code, so since everyone is demanding it just one without the new blocks for a temp version would be nice.
    Other server mods do that, until they get something good out.
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    I suggested that a while ago, but never got a response.
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    That would be a protocol hack very very very very *snip* .. very unstable tempbuild. Lucky for us bukkit delivers quality and not shit

    And whut... 1.7.2 without its features is the same as 1.6.4
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    Like Maximvdw said This would be a protocol hack and Bukkit does not support this
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    Huh... well, it would be nice ;)
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    I'll pass on that idea. If I wanted to use an unstable hack, I'd already be using one of those other mods that have it. The whole point of waiting for bukkit is so that we can actually play 1.7.2, not so we can pretend to play it but really still be 1.6.4.
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    This would be way to unstable. Bukkit strives for the quality of its releases. I don't think they would even dare think about this anyways.

    Development builds are at least something the server can run on, and I feel that is about the lowest stabilty I need rather than something you would call a temporary version. Just something to think about. :)
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    Ok, this needs to be cleared up AGAIN, when the update happens the bukkit team does not go into their code and add the new blocks, entities, biomes, etc

    What they have to do is grab the minecraft_server.jar, decompile it, and put in their hooks for the bukkit api (hence what craftbukkit is), because this release changes so much code, it is taking a lot longer to find where to put these hooks

    furthermore, there is no good way to make a temporary version (other than protocol hack), which in this case also would take a while to do and would be, quite frankly, a waste of time since it won't be needed for the official release

    With the new launcher that mojang made, it should be really easy for users of a server change to the old version. Not like before where they had to find the minecraft folder and manually change the jar, so this really shouldn't be as bad as a problem as it used to be
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    Except that the majority of players don't know about this or don't want to bother. It's made worse by the fact that 1.6.4 servers show up as offline to the 1.7.2 client. So most players think the server is gone forever, which increases the chance that they'll delete it from their server list and never come back.

    Since the update, we've had days where the total activity on our server is one playing logging in for 15 seconds and leaving.
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    Yeah, most people don't understand how a lot of things work, part of being a server owner and essentially head of a community is informing them how to do this. While it sucks this happens at every update.

    The only thing I was ever able to do is to setup a temporary new version vanilla server, protect it with the builtin spawn protection and tell them how to get onto the actual server (or they can just fool around on this one
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    the thing is... it really depends on what server you are playing.
    I have a medium sized server where most of the players are 16+.. they
    are smart enough to open Chrome (or if they are less smart IE) and go to our site to see what is going on.

    While other servers like PVP server will have younger players that hardly know what a 'forum' is.

    PS: Don't take this personally if you feel attacked

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