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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by zack pierce, Jun 27, 2013.

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    zack pierce

    Alright the guys here at bukkit are doing a fantastic job on every thing. I have a current 1.5.2 server and I have no problems with it. The main reason I made this post was because I want a 1.6.5 beta server! I want one so bad!!!!! If someone could please help me I've been looking everywhere for one and haven't been able to find one. Can someone please help me?? THANKS!
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    Wait till release
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    I believe they want a 1.6.5 Beta server, not a 1.6 release server.

    Bukkit was around during 1.6.5 so it wouldn't be too hard to find one in the Downloads if you go back enough.
    Also, why not 1.6.6? Didn't it fix a major CPU issue?
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    oh my mistake :p
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    zack pierce

    Oh my goodness guys! Thank you so so much!! Oh and yes 1.6.6 I forgot about the CPU update.
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    For 1.6.5 (Herobrine) the build number should be 810
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