1.6.4 Server running Bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mafidog, May 28, 2011.

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    I was checking the Beta - Survival Server List lately, and have came over some servers which use... Bukkit plugins?
    Since no Craftbukkit compatible with 1.6 is released yet, how can these people run these servers?
    Here is one: █ The Minebox Server █

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    There are 1.6 craftbukkit builds out there....
    they just aren't recommended...
    (811,812,813,814,815) <- Are all non-recommended 1.6.4 builds...
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    I didn' t know that.
    And why aren' t they recommended?
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    Because no-one recommends using them. Buggy!
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    I tried it on my local server, chunks dont load at all or randomly unload, using maps crashes the server and teleporting gets people stuck & crashes the server :p Not worth it in my view ^^
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    I see, thanks for your answers.
    This means that we will have to wait for the new recommended build for the servers.
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    I haven't been having any problems really with 812. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    We got a big diversity of opinions here...
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    There are numerous server crashing bugs in all of the publicly available builds at this time.. You can run a server on 1.6.4... but be prepared to be available to restart it when it crashes.. certain users will crash the server if the log on while in a bed, stuff like that... a lot of the bugs are due to error in the official minecraft_server.jar (Which in turn is delaying a stable bukkit server)... others bugs will be due to a plugin not being updated yet...

    Through hard work, trial and error and persistence it is POSSIBLE to get a stable server... but you may have to recompile or obtain a custom build of craftbukkit to resolve the EntityArrow crash... and remove plugins that utilize features of 1.5 that have changed in 1.6.

    It is not recommended to do because no one wants to waste their time supporting something that is not yet stable.. they would rather work on making the system as a whole stable for everyone.

    It is possible to create a craftbukkit server that is as stable as a vanilla minecraft server (which isn't really bug free eve on the official mojang release at the moment).. but it will be of your own doing until a recommended build is available for all & plugin authors are able to update and test their plugins.
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    Vincent LEYNE

    I'm running a test server on runing with last build.
    It's totally open, you can join ( need to know how many ppl it can handle.
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