1.6.2, 1.6.4 And 1.7.0 Plugins Difference

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xDizasterCYx, Sep 26, 2013.

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  1. Hello to everyone. I Am going to tell, Why Plugins needs to be updated to 1.6.4 and to 1.7.0.
    First of all the 1.6.2 version isn't compatible with 1.6.4 and seriously with 1.7.0 (1.7.0 isnt realise yet).
    Plugins are still working on 1.6.4? - yes but they are crashing, causing errors and didn't work correctly.
    many 1.6.2 plugins are working to 1.6.4 BUT the best thing which plugin developers can do? update your plugins to 1.6.4.
    Now the seriously problem with 1.7.0 that will be:
    1.6.2 and 1.6.4 plugins WILL NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH 1.7.0 version of minecraft. Don't update your server to 1.7.0 untill all of your plugins will be updated. Thanks, have a nice day :)
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    So no, that isn't correct. There are still plugins from 1.2 that work with 1.6.4.
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    I have a plugin that hasn't been updated since 2011 (back in beta!), still works like a charm.
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    It depends on the plugin itself, if they stick with the BukkitAPI, or if they also use CraftBukkit or NMS classes.
    The last ones will break with every MC Update. The other may work for Years without change.

    However, with 1.7 it's very likely that many plugins will break, even those who don't you CB/NMS classes, due to the change of itemIDs.
  5. yeah i said some plugins still works with 1.6.4 but some other they are like someone drive them up with a car. lol
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    in 1.7 the bukkit developers will not be able to disable command block functios(they did it, rename a command block and you will see one) as they did until now.Theres just too mutch stuff there.
    Yeah, i found a redstone machine like this ,made in 1.2.5, but still completly operational in 1.6.2 whitout any modification.
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    The first plugin I ever made still works. It listens to the command /pwego and shows if a player named Pwego is online. There's no permission, no events, so it survived the listener change we had that broke most plugins.

    From what I can see, Bukkit tries to make as less as possible breaking changes. If they are going to change something in the API, they will flag it as deprecated and it will still work for awhile, to give time for the developer to change his code to the new API function that replaces the deprecated one.

    I don't expect PlotMe to break. Block Ids are in the config, if block id change server owner will need to update their config. PlotMe lists the biomes on one of the commands, but I read the biome list from the BukkitAPI, so unless they change the function name, the command will correctly display the new biomes.

    If they do indeed make breaking changes... like renaming stuff. The update should be quite easy and fast to do. The problem is that it's not every plugin developer that is able to do an update the day the update is released.
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    May run a bit slow since you didn't use proper coding conventions noob (back in the day)
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    Plugins that utilize Bukkit API NOT the CraftBukkit / NMS Classes works well from Minecraft 1.1 but of course some of the events/methods were changed so the fact that they might work do not fit to all plugins.
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