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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ago192, Mar 13, 2013.


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    Hello! Basically, with the new update, my server users can't come onto my server because the server isn't updated yet. Can anyone tell me how to update my craftbukkit server and where to download the new 1.5 update?

    Thanks in advance,


    Come to my server!
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    Super User

    There is no 1.5 Update, please stop asking.
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    To update your *Minecraft* server, go to
    If you want to update your *Craftbukkit* server to 1.5, you're SOL because it DNE.
    The two aren't the same thing.
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    Stop asking? I just asked 1 time. lol
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    Super User

    There is no 1.5 Bukkit relese idiot. Why do you think the staff has been closing all threads concerning this issue?

    Do you not see all the other people that posted about this issue?
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    thanks Ne0nx3r0 :)

    I did not. Well, my problem is fixed. Thanks!

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    I was explaining that when there is an update available, it will be at that link, moron.
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    Super User

    There is no answer there, I already reported the post just wait till staff close it.
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    No need to be rude, I'm showing u respect. I would like it if you showed me respect. I am not a moron, I just did not know about that website.
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    Super User

    You are a moron, you failed to see all the threads about 1.5. Did you not notice that they were all closed? Does that not hint anything at all?
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    Oi.. I wasn't talking to you, and I responded to him in the same way he responded to me to make a point that it's rude.
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    Someone needs to hurry up and fix this guy's wedgie, he's getting pretty cranky.

    (I think he didn't understand who said that/who he was replying to)

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    He wasn't talking to you...

    He used the term moron.

    I give up, good luck with your thread guys.

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    Agreed. :D
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    Super User

    Its just turning into flame. There is no 1.5 build release, there is no ETA. Don't ask check the downloads page often.
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    You're the one flaming someone. Let me show you how simple this is...

    Hi Austin, it takes a little while for Bukkit to be updated to work well when Minecraft updates so currently there is no way to get Bukkit to work with 1.5. They're working on it but there is no ETA yet, keep an eye on for announcements or check
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    Exactly how this should have been handled. Thanks for ending this garbage :)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    CraftBukkit for 1.5 will be out when it's ready. Not a moment before.
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