1.4.2 // Problem with text on signs

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Moroven, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Hello Bukkit community.
    Please I need help.
    Today,I update my server to CB 1.4.2..
    But I have little problem.I can't see old signs texts from 1.3.2.
    Any idea,how repair it?

    Plugins:Lagmeter,WorldBorder,WorldEdit,Vault,PEX,LogBlock,WorldGuard,Simplechat,Iconomy,AuthMe,Choptree2,pvparena,CraftbookCommon,BkCommonLib,betterbroadcast,AdvancedBans,Lockette,milkAdmin,CraftbookCircuits,MyWarp,MobArena,MoneyDrop,Essentials,CraftbookMechanisms,Essentials Protect,Essentials spawn,Nolagg,Chestshop,residence

    Thank you
    (By the way,sorry for my bad Eng.)
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    Are there any errors in the console?
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    Only errors with NoLagg plugin...Classic :p
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    I have no clue, sorry :/
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    I have the exact same problem on my server...
    It's halting when I can open my server back up to the public.
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    i had this problem with my server and the cause that i found was a random plugin had some code that wasnt supported by 1.4.2. i solved this by doing the following. it may take some time, but its the best way i could find.

    Remove ALL the plugins you have insalled except the main plugins(essentials/permissions/worldguard/worldedit)... This will fix all the signs. now you need to figure out which plugin was the cause of this issue.

    so 1 by 1 start putting all your plugins back, each time you put another plugin in, restart the server and see if signs are broken again... When the text on signs disappear again, then the plugin you just added was the cause of this issue and i would go let the developer know and perhaps he/she will update it. Until then, just remove the plugin

    Hope this helps
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