1.3 Dev Build Failing Me?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by JjPwN1, Aug 2, 2012.

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    When I installed Bukkit's new 1.3 Development build, whenever someone with 1.2.5 installed, it doesn't say "Outdated Client!" but it says "End of Stream". Also, when someone with 1.3 installed on their client joins my server, it acts as if it all is going well, "Logging in...", "Downloading Terrain...", but then it gives a connection lost error. Here's a screenshot of the console when I try to join with 1.3:​
    I know it is probably a bug with the dev build, because when I reinstalled 1.2.5 Recommended, it works fine. But any information on this would be nice.​
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    With 1.3.1R0.1 my server hosted on my computer (i7 + 16gb ram + gtx580) is getting 7-8 TPS with my plugins, i removed all plugins and tested with Essentials (only) and my TPS is still falling, its only me? And yeah, the server says End of Stream, i dont know why​
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    People, its a Dev build, so there are many bugs
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    Looks like you are running on Windows. I heard that it would only work with Linux.
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    End of Stream when connecting using 1.2.5 yeah, Downloading Terrain.... No, try to remove any plugin that stops lag (like NoLagg, its broken)
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    Whenever I start my server I immediately get the java.lang.noclassdeffounderror but when I check my server log, it doesn't show the full error.
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    my server runs fine with 1.3 dev build on windows, along with 29 plugins (no bugs yet)

    oh and dont mind my banner :), i was testing it at home, uploading now :)
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    I'm sure they'll fix it in the later builds.
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    Do you use Essentials?
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    yes, also uploaded the whole server to the real thing, works fine
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    This is a Beta Build Your plugins/world is unsafe, The Beta build has many bugs and flaws in them so please wait for a RECOMENDED BUILD of craft Bukkit come out.
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    It creates a .mdmp file which I think is a memory dump.

    http://www.java.com/en/download/help/exception_access.xml - There's not a 'CAUSE' just yet but it has a solution area.
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