1.3 Builds Stable?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nucious, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Even though I strongly dislike 1.3, as I thought it would have a nice crisp and clean GUI, but its rather terrible. Anyways, is the recommended build stable and nearly bug-free?
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    Our server has been running 1.3.1 since the first RB was released, no showstopping issues that I've seen.
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    Are there any Issues with lag?
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    tbh Ive been using the rb's and they have been working fine for me, yes there are little issues here and there which have been reported to bukkit and mostly been fixed in the dev builds. its your choice to start using it or not but on my server AS OF THIS MOMENT there is 0 lag issues or massive problems causing problems.
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    The only reason I'm still delaying on updating right now is because of schoolwork. The most recent build seems stable!
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    You haven't updated yet? How do you still have players!? It's been almost a month since it was released!
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    Not really an issue for me, I don't see insanely huge amounts of players, and neither did the player count drop off as drastically as I expected. Still, it's a large drop, but I'm working on it now. I was extremely busy IRL with various things over the past few weeks though, August just wasn't a good month for me.

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    Glad to know guys , thanks for the info!
    I hope to bring back my server on 1.3 someday!
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    Lag is better, especially in the nether. Client resource usage dropped a huge amount. I have had a few random server crashes but I think it may be an old mod. I use a mod with a heartbeat monitor so it restarts the server when it crashes but all in all its good.
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