1.3.2 Bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by diasin, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Anyone have any news on bukkit for 1.3.2? I really need that falling out of the world fix that was included in the 1.3.2 patch and until bukkit is updated with the latest server file people on my server will continue complaining.
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    Or you could use a dev-build.
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    The latest dev build is still 1.3.1. Thats why I made this thread, cause I have seen no mention of a 1.3.2 bukkit ANYWHERE.
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    So much this, there's a glitch right now where some redstone stuffs is breaking, such as the Triple Vertical Piston Extenders used in the Portcullis'. It works perfectly fine on non-bukkit servers, but as soon as Bukkit is implemented some of the pistons get stuck powered on.
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    It won't be listed because it's not released yet.
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    Wolvereness Bukkit Team Member

    The crucial parts that were updated for 1.3.2 should be things that were already fixed in CraftBukkit (at least, the latest builds). The release timeline for Vanilla and CraftBukkit will be different in some situations because of the way that CraftBukkit completely overrides the way Vanilla handles things (like, multiple worlds, we use completely custom back-end to handle them).
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    Didn't someone say it works with Bukkit anyway?
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    It works either way
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    The client works. But theres no way to install the server files since I use bukkit. People are falling out of the world in my server and the fix is in the server files not the client from what I have been told.
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    My server works fine no falling out of the world and im still using R1.0
    Could it be your plugins causing errors for server?
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    I haven't had this issue.

    I'm pretty sure the bug fix is a client modification, not server.
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    I had players falling into the void. Then it just stopped :/ .
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    I have players always falling out of the worlds when they tp between worlds... Using latest dev build as of now.
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    Well, my friend is already using 1.3.2 bukkit server. I don't know how he got it tho.
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    No, he is not. He is using at best the latest beta dev builds, which work just fine for 1.3.2 clients.
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  17. using Multiverse and was wondering when creating a new world does it create a new 1.3 world even if you still have some 1.2.5 worlds still on the server? And can anyone explain to me why the new item database for Minecraft has potato's, carrot's and flower pots? I cant seem to find anything on that.
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    Yes, it will create a 1.3 world if you create a fresh new world.

    Those veggies are in the next snapshots, not in 1.3.
  19. Ahh thank you
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