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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xOptimusPrime, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Hi, about the Recommended Build when will it be coming out? Would it be out within the next month or within the next week? I understand that it is hard to get an exact date estimate, just something to let me know/other bukkit users know. I know there are development builds, but the server that I run I cannot use dev. builds. I run my server on ServerCraft, it only uses beta builds, RB and vanilla servers. Good work Bukkit programmers, hopefully you will come out with a RB. Please respond :)
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    Within the week, you can follow craftbukkit and evilseph on twitter for more information
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    Though it is week 3 and we're still waiting.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    This is still week one. 1.3 came out last wednesday
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    Will any plugins be broken if i update?..
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    Yup, any plugin listening to chat events will produce a big error.
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    whuts a chat event

    Sorry Im still new to this stuff :D

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    a chat event are a few lines of plugin code that registers (and listens) what people are typing. for instance if someone types /heal the plugin listens for that specific chat words and act upon it. thats why its called an event.
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    I vote any one that ask when RB is out the staff gets there IP address and find a way to make it so they wait longer to get the download!
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    To be fair, the last announcement made was a now 100 page thread started last Wednesday. (So that's 7 days without word on support for the latest MC version, not accounting for the size of the update)

    Even if there are no solid timelines and the majority of dev staff is busy, I feel like more could be done to inform people of how things are going during these rough patches Bukkit has without hindering development timelines.

    For example a general opinion on the latest dev build, and a generalized expected timeline, even if Bukkit fails to meet it or exceeds it.

    The party line is if they took time to say anything it would exponentially set the project back.

    And if that's the case, then we really should just accept these threads as a part of the update process.
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    At this point the team is going over the bug reports and issues discovered.

    I would suggest devs work against the latest dev build and see if there is anything they need to update so they are ready for the RB.
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    Thanks for the response, glad you guys are working hard :)
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    I cant w8! :D


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    wow a week they say. i have to say that they work hard. thanks for the good work
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    Can't wait for 1.3.1!
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    The issue for me isnt the craftbukkit build, but the not-updated plugins.
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    Tell me about it.. But hey, they do it for free, so what's the rush :p
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    Its like driving from the eastcoast to the westcoast in the US and you have a kid in the backseat that asks every 5 minutes are we there yet. Even when you know the distance, you cant tell the exact time it takes. All you can do is to tell the kid that its going to take a while ...
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    ~45 hours
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    Its out now.
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