1.3.1 Freeze before joining the server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ponahoum, Aug 4, 2012.

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    I administrate a big French server, where there's about 50-100 players connected the day. Yesterday, I tried to make the 13.1 update, but it was a cataclysm. Lots of server lag due to the un-updated plugins etc... so i came back to 1.2.5

    But there's something that's strange, it's that the server had a big ping like 10000ms and when I doubleclicked on the server to join, it immediatly freezed before joining, staying on "Logging in".

    As somebody ever had this problem ? It's apparently on a majority of french 1.3.1 servers.

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    Not sure about ping or anything but it takes much longer to login to my server on 1.3.
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    Its a minecraft 1.3.1 bug. Go here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Version_history
    and check under the bugs section.
    Notable bugs (Complete bug list):
    • Ping in the Multiplayer Servers List is completely awfull : +10000ms instead of the normal ping.
    • It now takes abnormally a very long time to connect to a server.
    • In the "Reset Demo World" screen, the "Cancel" button does nothing. So we are forced to click "Delete", or close the game to avoid that.
    • Tamed wolves will growl at the player after attacking wild ones
    • In multiplayer, the player might be blocked trying to walk through an open door if it is within the spawn protection area.
    • In multiplayer, some signs may appear to have no text on them. Which one has and which one hasn't changes between logging out and in.
    • Server list is not saved after re-ordering.
    • When shift clicking on armor in creative, on survival inventory it just deletes it instead of equipping.
    • When trapped between water flowing east or west and a block, the player will take suffocation damage.
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    Have you got an idea of when these buggy things would be updated ?
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    Nope. I thought it was my internet connection at first, but speedtests and resetting my router did nothing and I found that. They are probably going to fix it around 1.4 if possible...The issue is probably that they have people searching for LAN servers all the time, instead of choosing to search for a LAN server when they want to search for one. However, I am not network savvy so I don't know if that is the cause or when they are fixing it.
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    We are not isoled. Among all the people on my server, a big majority had this problem. I hope they'll bring out the 1.3.2 asap. Thanks for your help :)
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