(1.14.4) Block Shulkers From Chests

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Rimebound, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Rather self-explanatory title, I think. I know this plugin has been made before, but I wasn't able to get it working on the latest version of Minecraft. I know not of coding, so realistically all I am hoping for is a plugin that restricts putting shulkers in ender chests and normal chests (and trapped chests). Maybe a permission for each chest type, if possible? Also,if it's not too much of a bother, maybe a configurable message to send to anyone that attempts to do so.

    Really appreciate anyone that would make an attempt or even consider this. It would be nice to have within a day or two but I know better than to put a time limit on a free request,so whenever is fine. Thank you.
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    @xX4w3s0m3Xx Just tested it, and it works perfectly! Thank you very much for doing it, hope it didn't take too much out of your time.

    That being said... I did notice that if you put a hopper on a chest, you can subsequently throw or just place the shulker box into said hopper to get it into the chest indirectly. Would you please be able to remove that? If not, then if you could share the source code and I could try to get it done myself. Thank you again.

    Edit: Also noticed that while it blocks Shulker Boxes, it does not limit Dyed Shulker Boxes.
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    I totally forgot about the dyed ones, that will be an easy fix. I think for the hoppers the easiest way to fix that is to just disable the placement of the boxes into hoppers. What do you think?

    @Rimebound I've updated the plugin, dyed boxes are added to it. Now hoppers don't take boxes in anymore and you can't put them in hoppers manually. Hoppers don't transport them either. https://github.com/xX4m4zingXx/ShulkerBlocker
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    @xX4w3s0m3Xx Thought so as well about the dyed ones, but wasn't sure. Good to hear that it is. And I think so, too, but would that work if they threw the shulkers into the hoppers, too?

    On second though, however, I think that it would be best to just remove them from Ender Chests. The reason for asking was that it's for a server (of course) and players often hide all their loot in shulker in Ender Chests, which are unraidable. Makes for unfair gameplay. Could you just make it so that it only limits in Ender Chests, please? If not, then perhaps a config where you can choose what items they cannot be put in? (e.g. chests, trapped chests, dispensers, hoppers, etc.)

    But I would be more than satisfied if it is exclusive to Ender Chests. Thanks again!

    @xX4w3s0m3Xx Huh, thanks. I actually asked for that in a comment, but it has yet to be approved by a moderator. I imagine that this will take just as long, so sorry for the delayed responses.

    What you did was perfect, appreciate it a lot! Especially the donkeys, totally forgot about them as storage. Thank you again xX4w3w0m3Xx for making this plugin for me. Hope some other people can find use for it, too.

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