1.12.2 Armor Stand Pet?

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by lightningdogs, Aug 4, 2018.

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    Ha okay, so I know this idea has been done already especially with the Pets plugin and another thing which I'll mention in a second. The problem with the Pets plugin is that it's a 'mini-me' and I wondered if there was any way to make the armor stand pet feel even more special :D

    Now I'm not sure if someone could just update where this idea originated from (Link here: https://bukkit.org/threads/armorstand-pet.427685/) but I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Now if you couldn't, I will just add what I would have if this concept would become a plugin.

    Plugin Name: ArmorStandPet

    Version: 1.12.2

    Plugin category: Maybe roleplay or fun? I know I would be using this for roleplay :p


    /amsp create {petname} (Creates new armor stand pet; Needs to be claimed in order to be YOUR pet.)
    /amsp claim {petname} (Claims the named armor stand that hasn't been claimed yet. Needs to be claimed first to sell it)
    /amsp abandon {petname} (Gets rid of ownership for that armor stand pet.)
    /amsp exterminate {petname} (Kills off that pet)
    /amsp size {small/large} (Well, makes the pet small or large)
    /amsp head {username} (Gives the armor stand that specific players head)
    /amsp arms (toggles arms on and off)
    Another Idea is just to right click it with something and have an inventory pop up where you can do all of that up to the size command and add armor or give it a sword and stuffs)
    (Also, just to make sure, you'd obviously need to be the owner of the pet to kill it otherwise that'd be straight up pet murder oof/lol? idk :eek:)
    Another Idea about this: If someone would be able to also add compatibility with Vault for the next few commands.

    /amsp sell {petname} {amount of money} (Sells one of your armor stand pets)
    *in order to sell, maybe put a slab down with line 1 reading "[Selling]" and line 2 reading with which pet you are selling. Then, the sign will automatically put that pet up on that slab and it can't move*
    /amsp buy {petname} (Will automatically buy it if you have enough money, in which it is then yours.)

    A few things...:

    I don't have a time I exactly need it (although asap would be nice hehe) and if nobody wants to do it, I understand! :D
    I think it'd be pretty cool considering all the possibilities this idea can create. Ideas build upon more ideas, so who knows!

    Thanks for your time~
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