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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by IBsenoj, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Hello guys! I'm having some trouble getting color text into my chat, and command blocks. I know how to do it but when I do the combo for § (alt + 21) it does not show in the box thus I can't make some text colored or have fonts... is this a feature for 1.7.2? Does it not work in 1.6.4?

    Thanks for any of your guys help

    Please help me [pig]
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    isn't it &? or are you not using essentials
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    I'm not using essentials...Should I use it?
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    You would need a colored chat plugin :)
    If you want it in the MOTD you use these codes:

    \u00A70 = Black
    \u00A71 = Dark Blue
    \u00A72 = Dark Green
    \u00A73 = Dark Cyan
    \u00A74 = Dark Red
    \u00A75 = Purple
    \u00A76 = Orange
    \u00A77 = Light Grey
    \u00A78 = Dark Grey
    \u00A79 = Lilic
    \u00A7a = Light Green
    \u00A7b = Light Cyan
    \u00A7c = Light Red
    \u00A7d = Pink
    \u00A7e = Yellow
    \u00A7f = White

    \u00A7l = Bold
    \u00A7n = Underline
    \u00A7o = Italics
    \u00A7k = Obfuscated
    \u00A7m = Strike
    \u00A7r = Reset
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    Ok thanks so how would I type that should I do it like this? \u00A7o test text or this? \u00A7o "test text" how should I do it?
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