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Dec 17, 2016
Feb 6, 2011
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Dec 17, 2016
    1. sebidebi4567
      I have a issue with towny!
      HALP! IT regeenreates land!
      It is ruining meh server
    2. minecraftguy6446
      is there a word editer that we have to use in order to edit group manager please respond thanks
    3. GKingC
      Hi ELgarL,

      When do you update the plugin Chest Shop for Minecraft 1.3.2 ?
      I will be happy about an answer.
      PS: Sorry my English is not so good, because I am German. But it would be great if you give me an answer.
      Thank you!
    4. Black01
      So you have taken over lockette now? Can't wait for the update :)
    5. DarkVOODO
      hey i didnt know how to msg you but i have a plugin that i think most people would like and i thuaght you would be best to make it. So the plugin i had in mind was that lots of server has shop plugins right! well anyway the non-op players want to have shops so i was wondering if you could make a plugin were we could sell plots to them and then they could do
    6. DarkVOODO
      /zone buy and then whit a stick the op could hit one side and the other side and do /zone sell (money) and then the non op could do /zone buy and if they wanted to sell the zone they could do it like this /zone sell (money) and if they wanted to allow some one the zone they could do /zone allow (player) are if they wanted to kick some one they could do /zone kick (player) just and idea :)
    7. Darkholme
      Hey ElgarL, Been looking for you to ask you something for a while.

      You were working for a NWN1 Client extender a while back, but I can't find a link to it anywhere. Did it ever get finished? If not: Would you mind if I continued it from your work in progress?

      Thanks. Let me know.

    8. Computer1633
      Hey I have an off topic question for you. You would not happen to be the same ElgarL who made the most wonderful AC plugin ElTank all those years ago would you?
    9. Ezio_Wolf
      Hey Im having trouble with setting up chat, can you please help? Whenever i try talking to people on the server im set on global chat and cant get out. It's a problem cause when i try to talk to someone it says "I feel lonely..." even though the other people are online. As for every other player they cannot get into any part of towny chat (not even global chat). Please help me so this nightmare can be over lol.
    10. cintron62
      hello i am requesting some help setting up the permissions. I have been trying to get it to work for over a week. help would be appreciated.
    11. haymachel
      Can you help me with the Groupmanager and Paid Ranks Please?
    12. palono
      you will update towny on the newst version??
    13. bobbysmithyy
      Hey I was wondering if you could possibly hook Towny into WorldEdit and make it so you can pick your regions with the wand. Thanks, bobbysmithyy
    14. Master_c2
      Hello! I add towny the plugins folder of mine, and when others are building is that: "[Towny]You are not allowed two build in the wilderness" What should I do? ... Do I perhaps iconemy or something like that?
    15. Westar777
      hey i have i question about towny
      i cant build destroy anything in the wild how can i fix it
      1. saul100
        permissions. check your permissions
        Sep 9, 2011
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