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by EvilSeph at 11:38 AM
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It has recently come to our attention that a list of Minecraft usernames and passwords have been posted online and we urge everyone to read the following announcement found on MCBans.com:
by EvilSeph at 8:26 PM
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Due to factors beyond our control, Leaky - our bug tracker - will be down for a while until we work something out to get it back up. The server that is hosting Leaky is going offline with short notice.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, we're making backups and will be restoring them on a new server as soon as we possibly can.
by Dinnerbone at 11:28 AM
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Server administrators, this one's for you.

How often do you actually play Minecraft? How much time do you spend with your face glued to the console cleaning up after that griefer who just hit you, or playing about with that new plugin you just saw? Personally I dislike the default console, it's so frustrating to use. So I decided to fix it!

Thanks to some magic based... erm, magic, Craftbukkit now comes with a new and improved console. It features a command history (up-down arrow! My god how much I love that), line editing (left-right arrow! Made a typo? Fix it, don't delete your whole line), colours (unix only, sorry!) and my favourite fix... it no longer loses your command when some other text prints to your screen. That's right, you can actually now see the command you're typing out. Huzzah!

We've also made the console output a little smaller, removing the date from the display. Don't worry, it's still in the server.log though!

We've a few more tweaks on its way, including...
by EvilSeph at 4:49 PM
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With the recent move to http://dl.bukkit.org, we're happy to announce a change to our building system that people have been wanting for a while now: recommended builds. The way the new system will work is that every week or so we'll be picking a CraftBukkit build and marking it as recommended so that plugin developers have an idea of what build they should be up to date with.

Recommended versions will be what we consider a "stable" revision of CraftBukkit. This means that we expect plugin developers to support the latest Recommended version at the very least. Plugin developers then also have the option of developing and releasing for the latest builds to help us test and mold the API, but we cannot guarantee any form of stability with development builds.

Since we only just recently deployed the Recommended builds system, things will not work as we planned: it is highly likely plugin developers will not be caught up for a few days but we hope this change will provide...