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by Dinnerbone at 11:28 AM
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Server administrators, this one's for you.

How often do you actually play Minecraft? How much time do you spend with your face glued to the console cleaning up after that griefer who just hit you, or playing about with that new plugin you just saw? Personally I dislike the default console, it's so frustrating to use. So I decided to fix it!

Thanks to some magic based... erm, magic, Craftbukkit now comes with a new and improved console. It features a command history (up-down arrow! My god how much I love that), line editing (left-right arrow! Made a typo? Fix it, don't delete your whole line), colours (unix only, sorry!) and my favourite fix... it no longer loses your command when some other text prints to your screen. That's right, you can actually now see the command you're typing out. Huzzah!

We've also made the console output a little smaller, removing the date from the display. Don't worry, it's still in the server.log though!

We've a few more tweaks on its way, including...
by EvilSeph at 4:49 PM
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With the recent move to http://dl.bukkit.org, we're happy to announce a change to our building system that people have been wanting for a while now: recommended builds. The way the new system will work is that every week or so we'll be picking a CraftBukkit build and marking it as recommended so that plugin developers have an idea of what build they should be up to date with.

Recommended versions will be what we consider a "stable" revision of CraftBukkit. This means that we expect plugin developers to support the latest Recommended version at the very least. Plugin developers then also have the option of developing and releasing for the latest builds to help us test and mold the API, but we cannot guarantee any form of stability with development builds.

Since we only just recently deployed the Recommended builds system, things will not work as we planned: it is highly likely plugin developers will not be caught up for a few days but we hope this change will provide...
by Dinnerbone at 6:21 PM
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I've been slaving away the last two days working on the biggest feature added to minecraft yet; multiworld. Something the whole community has been itching for; either to finally get those rare materials from the nether onto your survival server, or to go save a girl named Daisy. But suffice to say, thanks to Bukkit, it's here at last.

Bukkit now supports multiple worlds of various types, either normal or nether. You can have a normal world, a creeper-filled world for hardcore survival, and two nethers with and without monsters. It's all up to the plugins to let you decide what you want to happen and where.

I'm certain that very shortly a plugin or three will be available to let you access different worlds, such as the nether, which you may try and enjoy to your hearts content. However, I must confess we couldn't get it to work 100%. If you go from a normal world to a nether world, you will not see the red fog usually present. We need Mojang to release a client update to fix this....
by Dinnerbone at 10:54 AM
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Gremlins are feisty little creatures. It takes a strong administrator to have the courage to command even the weakest of them. Fortunately, thanks to our new Bustin' Ultimate Kapturator and Kontroller Integrated Trap, we've figured out a way to help tame them and help you shape them to do your bidding for you.

Any plugin that utilizes onCommand can now take commands from a variety of sources; players in chat, the CLI console, rcon, other plugins, etc. Built in with Craftbukkit, we have chat commands and console commands. Plugins can provide other sources easily, with or without native support for the calling plugin.

The currently console doesn't look so pretty, so we may look into ways of making that better, such as colours or indentation. However, with Bukkit build 100 and Craftbukkit build 200, you can give them a try and tell us what you think for now!

We've updated our first default plugin,...