Zombies in MC [Dev needed]

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    Hello I have a private server soon to turn public and i need a plugin coded and a coder PM if ur a coder
    the plugin name
    What is does: Basicly makes a zombie version of minecraft with a bus, maybe compatable with a plugin that makes blocks move
    More? k so i was thinking maybe have zombies that can jump around, jump boost, crawlers texturepacked spiders, mysterbox that can have multipule guns. Ammo renamed arrows with textures, yes so if you can make this i would love it.

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    I suggest you use better spelling and grammer. And maybe, you could create the texture pack while someone makes the plugin. No I am not going to create the plugin, it is too much work.
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    I believe a mod-pack exists somewhat similar to this. You can repair barriers, you can access the mystery box, by wall guns, and use perks. I also believe there is another link for the Creative version of it that allows you to make your own maps. I suggest, instead of having a developer spend ages attempting something like this, make your own server with this mod-pack or find a way to convince a server host to support the mod-pack. I have used it several times and it is alot of fun. After making the server, you could make your own maps and such. Or you could have it like the walls where there are several different servers, each with a different map, that way people could connect to that specific map. There is unfortunately no bus in it as it is World At War zombies, but if you wanted only 4 people in the server at a time, you could easily run 4 servers for only $15.00-$20.00 at www.picklehosting.com (I use them, and I am not sponsored with them in any way!) I could make some simple plugins to run along with it but nothing like a bus. The links for everything you would need are below:

    PickleHosting: www.picklehosting.com
    ZombieCraft: http://www.modzillaminecraft.com

    Any further information I will provide through PM's. Hope I helped in any way!

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    Hey thanks but I like my host redstonehost.com They provide 6 servers for me all conected though 1 ip. I can travel though gates all of it. Thanks anyway
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    Plugin name: ZombieCraftMC
    What I need: Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 gamemode to minecraft.
    Many Carts connected to each others or Moving Blocks.
    Or you need to go inside bus and wait like 1 minute then, it will teleport you to another location (inside another bus)
    Also I need zombies to jump and run.
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    Dont try to find people for things like this.

    You can make alot of money as developer by making projects like this.
    Find developers at orther places where they actualy get payed
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    PickleHosting is over priced. I know hosts that are cheaper, and professionally hosted in Data Centers.
    www.pytohost.com - $6 for 1gb per MONTH
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    Thanks! I will check them out! I have never heard of them before. The main reason why I like PickleHosting is that they have AMAZING customer support. They even setup the server completely for you for a small one-time fee.
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    Try kaaos.
    Once you look at their prices you will die they are so low.

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