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    Hello fellaz!
    I'm having a Zombie Tag server and at the moment I'm using the Ignite plugin to power it. When a player dies I get a message and I turn him into a zombie (burn in sunlight) and then I cure the one who were zombie before him. This results in a tag, one player is the zombie, during night he goes on a hunt to kill other players. When he kills one they become the zombie and he cures and so on.
    What I'd like is a more powerful plugin which could handle more of this by itself.
    1. The /ignite and the /cure command.
    2. When a player dies they become zombie and zombie goes normal.
    3. Zombies should not be able to take damage.
    4. The zombie shall burn in sunlight and that fire should immediately extinguish when he goes back into the shadows.
    5. Some kind of message-system saying "#playername# is the new zombie." when someone dies!

    All of these are not needed but I'd love to have them all :D
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    Wouldn't it be easier if it was all automated?

    *Hint, if you say yes I may consider making it ;)*
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    Although it would be good if I could zombiefy and cure ppl too, if someone would be afk for example :)
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    Alright so lets lay down some ground planning:

    When you turn ZombieTag on it'll split the currently online users into two groups: Zombies and Humans.

    When a zombie kills a human, the zombie becomes a human, and human, zombie.
    When a human kills a zombie does it become a zombie? Or does nothing happen?
    Zombies burn in daylight, or any light source? (Say, if they stand too close to a light they'll start to die)
    System message displays for when a player turns into a zombie and when they become human again, or only when they become a zombie?

    - I will also add the feature to cure and zombify as a command.
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    When a human kills a zombie there will be 3 Tuesdays in a week :) (Swedish expression for never xD)
    1. The Human should not be able to kill the zombie :)
    2. The message system should say something like: "Zombiename" has killed "Playername" and is now cured. Watch out for "Playername", cause now he's the zombie!
    3. Thanks a lot for working on it :) Will it take Months/weeks/days til' you're finished?
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    Umm, I'll see how much I get done in the next 30 minutes and then I'll give you an estimate.

    If there is one thing you never want to do when programming, it's giving an estimate before at least getting a proper idea of the scope ;)
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    Great :) I'm developing games myself so I know that there's nothing worse than a deadline! Although I've never worked in java (which I guess your making the plugins in, right?) and I had no clue about how long a plugin takes to make.

    And could you please don't use the "permissions" plugin to much, since I can't get it to work properly :/
    Would be great if just all OPs could use the commands.

    more requests :)
    Please use like /zombie cure or /zom cure to prevent command conflicts!
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    Sounds good. I was actually going to use Permissions, but I'll just make it so only OP's can use it, meaning it will not use Permissions at all.

    - And yes, the plugin is in Java :p haha
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    Great as usual!
    Would it be to much ask if I could get some help with starting making my own plugins :) ?
    I really don't need any tutorial on the programming, I'll learn that myself, but a link to the download site of the program would be an amazing start ^.^ (if it's free!)

    Now I'll leave you to your work (my work, which you are doing for me...)


    P.s: I've heard about google, but I'm not really sure what to search on :)
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    Umm, I'm not sure what you mean by program.

    Can you be a little more specific?

    And be sure to check back here in 30 minutes and I'll tell you / maybe show you what I have done so far.
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    I'm probably not so well informed about java... maybe I should stick to flash :)
    I thought that java worked like Macromedia's Flash, you download a program, run it, get a script-handler, start coding! But never mind, I think I have to read some about Java first, I wouldn't be able to make stuff in it if I don't even know what it is :)
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    Flash uses exactly what you said a "scripting" language.

    Java however is a compiled language (Although a Just In Time compiled language) and is different in many ways to the scripting language flash uses. However, the things you've learned from Flash scripting can probably be brought over to learning how to use Java.


    Now, about the plugin. I've made some good progress, I would say I could probably get a very early version completely running in about an hour.

    It would help if Minecraft Login servers weren't down right now otherwise I'd get you to come help me test.
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    Ah, I see :) Well there's really no need to hurry, I have all time in the world. We'll test it when Minecraft is back up then, usually it doesn't take more than a couple of hours!
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    i also got some request to add to this.
    mayby you could add a config file so we can adjust the messages displayed, and if zombies should take damage from humans, should zombies burn in daylight and so on.
    this could make for a dynamic plugin, in case the users get bored.
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    I'll take this into account as I further develop this plugin.

    I've currently established a working prototype of this mod doing almost everything that GhandPivot has requested. It's just a matter of streamlining the code further, and implementing a few additional things.

    I'll look into using a config file for your purposes, although this may come after the initial release of the plugin.

    Don't expect to see me online for... Probably 8 hours from now. (As I've stayed up far too late working on this project)
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    Thanks for helping me out :) Will you release it as a public plugin which everyone can download or just give it to me :D ?
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    I'll be posting it as a plugin submission, so anyone will be able to access it.

    It's getting close to being finished. :)
    Just wanted to give you an update on this.

    Everything has been implemented. A configuration file is added so that you can change the displayed texts for certain events. I.E. Zombie kills player, player becomes a zombie, player becomes a human, when Zombie Tag is enabled, etc.

    I've got a rough version you can try out on your server. But I take no liability if it doesn't work right away :p
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    Just get the vampire plugin..

    I have it. Its great.
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    I saw it some days ago, I liked it but it had some features I really didn't like and was missing some, so this will be much better :D
    That sounds purely awesome :p
    Could I get my hands on hit somehow :) ?
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    Umm, I'll give you a copy of it before I release it locally. I've just got the two commands to program in to manually switch a person to a zombie or human but that will be simple.

    I'll post a link here later tonight and after I get feedback from you I'll post it as a plugin submission.
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    Great :D
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    You can develop Java plugins for Bukkit with the help of Eclipse (you technically don't need it, but it makes life a LOT easier). I'm a Flash developer myself, so we're in almost the exact same boat.

    Here's a basic video/info tutorial for getting started (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/basic-bukkit-plugin-tutorial.1339/). Basically you download Eclipse, Java, and Bukkit, add Bukkit as an External JAR to your project (you'll have to read some tutorials on setting all this up), and away you go!
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    I've already started, but thanks a lot :D
    I see that eclipse features quite a few built-in variables. Working with minecraft plugins, are there any packs with stuff I need to download, so that the java recognizes for example "PlayerDropEvent" and stuff like that?
    The question above is open for everyone to answer by the way :D

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't even watch the video you linked :) it explained it all quite well, thanks!
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    Here is your link to the file.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    I'm going to make a plugin submission with all the details on how to use it.

    Currently if you're an OP you can use the commands:

    /ZombieTag [on]/[off] - The plugin will delegate online players into zombies or humans.
    /ZChange [cure]/[infect] [player] - This will change a player from human to zombie.

    Here is the actual plugin submission:

    Plugin Submission

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    Thanks :D

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