[Zombie Feel] Embrace the Horde

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by GordonGrey, Dec 17, 2011.

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    This plugin would contain the following features;

    -Zombies don't burn in sunlight
    -A 5% chance to get "infected" if hit by a Zombie.
    ***The effects should be the same as a cave spider. If the player consumes Milk (335) it will stop the infection right away.

    Thats it. Super simple, and will give a more prominent zombie feel to minecraft.

    Thanks in advance for anyone that takes interest. (Or shows me where this plugin is if already made)
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    Maybe their vision should blur somehow or get messed up too :D
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    Not a bad idea! But I dont know if there are non-spout ways to do that.
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    You can input the portal transmission swirl, but have it so you dont teleport.
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    It would be a neat idea, I just would not want that happening when a cave spider bites someone.
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    You could always take the script from the Cave Spider itself, and modify it then insert in the script for the Zombie. I couldn't do it, I'm asking about that on the Development forum because I'm doing something similar with taking one mobs characteristics and putting in another mob.

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