Filled Zombie at death with inventory

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Scarpa18, Aug 7, 2016.

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  1. Plugin category: Mobs
    Minecraft version: 1.8 (or the best versión for 1.8.x)
    Suggested name: ZombieInventory
    What I want:
    I wanna make a server Zombie survival - PvP but I need a plugin very importante for best inmersion.

    When a player is killed by Mobs or by other player a Zombie will spawn with her inventory and armour equipped (except the helmet, in the helmet place there are going to stay the head of the dead) the and with his name (For example "Arms18's Zombie" in red ). When the Zombie dies the items will drop for the killer with the head.

    Nothing else if possible but this isn't importante add the zombie Resistance LvL 5. (Only Zombie player) and add the Giant Zombie with natural spawn like normal Zombie.

    Ideas for commands: It doesn't need
    Ideas for permissions: ZombieInventory.bypass (default op) this make that a STAFF don't spawn a Zombie at dead)
    When I'd like it by: As soon possible.
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    I'll work on this, but it may be kind of tough for me because I am new to the Spigot API (but not to java). Someone else might finish this before me, so idk.
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  3. Any help is welcome!! I doesn't mind how much do you need but do it please !
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    @Scarpa18 I just started working on it due to being busy earlier. So far, when a player dies, a zombie will spawn. All of the items that would be dropped are saved as a collection. I am currently trying to figure out how to give the zombie the armor. Just know that this isn't my highest priority in life and I also need to learn a bit more, and that might be a little difficult.
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    Genious idea :eek: I'll work on this, but I am not sure if I will be able to do it. But genious idea!
    @Scarpa18 : How long should the Resistance last?

    UPDATE: Plugin almost done!
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  6. It should be infinite, because this is ex-Human Zombie (NPC) I just say put Resistance to don't be easy to kill.

    If you can't do the plugin I have other ideas to make it. I think I could be a pro computer because I have a great
    ingenuity but I don't know how to do script xD.

    Well the ideas is:

    If the zombie can't equip the armour there are two alternatives ->

    1- When a player dies, A zombie spawn with a leather armour don't cares if the player worn a diamond armour.
    The diamond armour and player's item will be in a virtual inventory and when the zombie dies the virtual inventory spawn the virtual inventory.

    2- When a player dies, A zombie spawn with a leather armour don't cares if the player worn a diamond armour.
    When the zombie dies, there are going to spawn a double chest with the items and armour of the player. The chest will auto destroy in 5 minutes or If is empty will destroy.

    Notes: There can be two zombie of the same player at the same time . (For example, Player 1 (Full Iron Armour) died. It spawn a "Player1's Zombie" then he backs (Player 1 (Full Diamond Armour) ) Then he tries to recover his armour but he dies so, there will be two Player1's Zombie with diferent inventorys.

    Sorry bad English. I.m spanish.

    EDIT to avoid double post: That's great give Link ! I wanna try it !!
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    @Scarpa18 , you missunderstood ;) The plugin is already working. Everything works fine including the weapons and amor. But a friend of me told me that when you have damage resitance you can't die (like impossible) is that true? And all the other stuff is working ;) except the giant thing. That would be something I'll add later.
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  8. I don't know the resistance. Delete it I don't need it.
    The giant thing I can solve it with other plugins
    If you can send me a Alpha I can report you bugs
    It's important that the zombie spawned have 20 hp to be like a player and doesn't die with 2 hits.

    Send a Alpha please ^^!!
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    Okay file is coming right away, but there is one bug you should now. When the server is restarting or reloading , all saved inventory's in the zombies will be lost. I can fix this by using a config but only if you really want me to add that. For now here is the link: (please test right away ) :) Thanks! feedback!


    UPDATE: about the resistance, I changed the default health to 25 hearts. This won't instantly kill them. When they got damage resistance nobody is able to kill them. Now you can but it is harder. The armor will be set to that zombie.
  10. Which version is it? 1.8? To use a craftbukkit/spigot version.
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    Ah damn, I created it for 1.10. Is that a problem? If you really want to I can change it to 1.8. But I'll have to change a little bit of code then since it uses both hands.

    Downloadlink for 1.8:

    Please feedback :)
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  12. OK things to improve ->


    ** The head of the zombie should be of the player (If zombie killed, the player zombie drops)

    ** Remove or add a config.yml to edit "Zombie's Player death message"

    **The name tag of the Zombie should be visible as a normal player
    (To see and hunt the zombie )

    ** It doesn't drop armour

    Thanks for your work :). I would give you VIP in my server but I think you don't play in spanish servers hehe.

    (Waiting for the bug fix :))
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  14. Link down, can you re upload it again please

    UPDATE: Working link, I.m gonna test. Great job.
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    I'll wait for your feedback.
  16. It works good. I'll notice you If I have some ideas to improve it or If I discover some bugs
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    Is this plugin filled? If so, please mark it as filled , thnx
  18. ¡Hi again!

    Can you fix or do a save file to save zombies inventory when zombie dies? If you can't it doesn't matter but If you can do it. Great :)!
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    I should be able to do that . But give me some time. I'll tag you when it is done.
  20. I'll wait for the update ! Thanks!
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