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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by jeffadkins51, Jun 6, 2011.

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    I originally began working on this plugin just for personal use, then i decided it would be best just to release it once finished. The basic idea of ZIM Manager is to give OP's / Admins full control over the server from in-game and also a stand-a-lone command help. Not only this but to also combine plugins into one.(Creating warps, setting homes, protecting regions, banning, muting, kicking, warning, jailing, logging, Fluid control, Construction mode) and so much more.​
    • Banning/IP banning/Temp. Ban
    • Muting
    • Kicking
    • Warning
    • Construction Mode(OP's are the only ones allowed to join)
    • Fluid Control
    • Warps
    • Multi-World support
    • Permission Support
    • Iconomy/BOSE Support
    • Broadcast announcements
    • Region Protection
    • Verification System
    • New Comer Protection
    • ZimArena
    • Admin zones
    • Chest/Door Protection
    • Noobbox
    Key: Completed | Under Development | Not Started

    Post some feedback on what you think of the project, Idea's, what should be done, what should be removed etc. etc. etc.
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    Looks nice!
    will keep an eye on it
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