zHCF Core - Complex Harcore Factions Core Plugin

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    Plugin category: Factions / Hardcore Factions / HCF / HCF Core

    Minecraft version: 1.7.10-1.8.9

    Suggested name: zHCF

    What I want: I want an extremely advanced/complex HCF Core. I want it to include basically everything you need in a HCF Server, but all in one plugin. It should include:
    - Deathban (Default 2 hours)
    - Server Ranks with custom permissions and donor perks:
    - Mob stacker
    - Spawntag
    - Classes ( Archer, Miner, Rouge, Bard) with 0 second warmups
    - Archer (Full leather armour): Speed 3, Resistance, Regeneration - WITH ARCHER TAG (1.5% damage increase when shot)
    - Miner (Full iron armour): Haste 2, Night Vision, Fire Resistance
    - Rouge: (Full chainmail armour) Speed 3,
    - Bard (Full gold armour): Speed 2, Resistance, Regeneration
    - Disabled Enderchests
    - Disabled Wither skeletons
    - Disabled Apples, Golden Apples, and Super Golden Apples
    - Disabled pots: All regeneration, All strength
    - Wrenches and crowbars
    - PvP Timer
    - SoTW Timer
    - Ore Broadcaster - [​IMG]

    Please don't waste your time trying to make it as "lite" as possible. I really don't care about plugin memory.

    Questions? Comments? Reply below!

    Ideas for commands:
    /f help [Page Number] >List of "/f" commands
    /f create [Faction Name]>Create new faction
    /f desc [Faction Description]>Edit faction description
    /f invite <Player>>Invite a player to you faction
    /f uninvite>Remove a pending invitation
    /f join [Faction Name]>Join a faction
    /f leave>Leave a faction
    /f kick>Kick a player from your faction
    /f mod <Player>>Promote a player to a faction leader/captain
    /f demote <Player>>Demote a player
    /f who <Player>>Get player information
    /f show [Faction Name]>Get faction information
    /f claim>Claim a chunk for your faction - Protects/Preserves land from other players unless raidable
    /f unclaim>Unclaim a chunk for your faction
    /f sethome>Set a home for your faction
    /f home>Teleport to faction home
    /f stuck>Teleports you to your base while in another
    /f chat>Toggle team chat
    /f ally [Faction Name]>Ally with another faction
    /f enemy [Faction Name]>Become enemies with another faciton
    /f ores [Faction Name]>View amount of ores mined by a faction
    /f disband>Disband your faction
    /f rename>Toggle team chat
    /f withdraw [Amount]>Withdraw faction money
    /f w [Amount]>Withdraw faction money
    /f deposit [Amount]>Deposit faction money
    /f d [Amount]>Deposit faction money
    /pay <Player> [Amount]>Pay a player
    /ores <Player>>View how many ores a player has mined
    /coords>View your coords
    /logout>Safely loggout of the server
    /ping <Player>>Shows a player's ping
    /ip>Shows player's IPv4 Address
    /kit>Shows map kit
    /mapkit>Shows map kit
    /viewkit>Shows map kit
    /teamspeak>Shows the TeamSpeak address
    /ts>Shows the TeamSpeak address
    /report <Player> [Reason]>Report a player
    /helpop [Message]>Send a message to admins
    /modreq [Message]>Request an admin
    /ban <Player> [Ban Level] [Reason]>Ban a player
    /unban <Player>>Unbans a player
    /banip [Ban Level] [Reason]> Bans an IPv4 Address
    /unbanip>Unbans an IPv4 Address
    /kick <Player> [Reason]>Kick a player from the server
    /lives <Player>>Shows players lives
    /lives give <Player> [Amount]>Give players lives
    /lives remove <Player> [Amount]>Remove players lives
    /mute <Player> [Mute Level]>Mute a player
    /unmute <Player>>Unmute a player
    /chat mode slow>Put chat in slow mode
    /chat mode fast>Put chat in fast mode
    /chat mute global>Enable global mute
    /chat unmute global>Disable global mute
    /chat mute <Player> [Mute Level] [Reason]>Mute a player
    /chat unmute <Player>>Unmute a player
    /staff>Go into staff mode
    /ss <Player>>Screenshare a player (Toggle)
    /freeze >Freeze a player (Toggle)
    /panic>Freezes you and contacts and admin
    /p>Freezes you and contacts and admin
    /bal <Player>>Check player balance
    /msg <Player> [Message]>Message a player
    /r [Message]>Reply to a message
    /ignore <Player>>Ignores a player's messages (Toggle)
    /msgtoggle>Toggle private messages
    /sounds pm>Toggles private message ping
    /sounds pb >Toggles public chat player ping
    /koth create [KoTH Name]>Create new KoTH
    /koth delete [KoTH Name]>Remove a KoTH
    /koth list>Lists all KoTHs and their coords
    /koth start [KoTH Name]>Starts a KoTH
    /koth stop [KoTH Name]>Stops a ongoing KoTH
    /koth loot>View KoTH Loot
    /pvp enable>Turns off your PvP Timer/SoTW Timer
    /pvp time>Displays remaining PvP Timer/SoTW Timer time
    /koth list>Lists all KoTHs
    /wrench>Gives you a wrench
    /crowbar>Gives you a crowbar
    /color [Primary color]> Changes plugin theme color


    /f help

    Ideas for permissions:

    I will finish later

    When I'd like it by: End of this year (2016).

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    doubt anyone is going to do this.

    Anyways, good luck ;)
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    BUMP: Made some updates
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    I Al Istannen

    What is this?
    /wrench>Gives you a wrench
    /crowbar>Gives you a crowbar

    what is Koth?

    what is panic? Why is it needed?

    what is chat mode? Whats is fast? What is slow?

    "/sounds pb >Toggles public chat player ping" what is public chat player ping?

    Permissions for all commands are missing. Please give a sheme after which they should be done.

    "/staff>Go into staff mode" What is staff mode?

    "/ss <Player>>Screenshare a player (Toggle)" What is a ScreenShare?

    "/report <Player> [Reason]>Report a player" What should happen with reports?

    "/teamspeak>Shows the TeamSpeak address
    /ts>Shows the TeamSpeak address"
    How are these defined?

    "/kit>Shows map kit
    /mapkit>Shows map kit
    /viewkit>Shows map kit"
    What are these kits? How are they defined?

    "/ip>Shows player's IPv4 Address"
    Without player argument?

    "/logout>Safely loggout of the server"

    "/coords>View your coords"
    F3 screen? Why do you need this?

    "/f withdraw [Amount]>Withdraw faction money"
    Who can do all this?

    "/f ores [Faction Name]>View amount of ores mined by a faction"
    What counts as ores? How are they displayed?

    "/f stuck>Teleports you to your base while in another"
    So basically a free teleport out of everywhere? Macros come probably.

    "/f mod <Player>>Promote a player"
    Mod? What is this?

    "/f claim>Claim a chunk for your faction"
    What does this do? What should happen in a claimed chunk?

    "/r [Message]>Reply to a message"
    To which message should it reply to? The last you got? The last you messaged?

    All in all I would say that this is probably out of the scope of what an unpaid dev will do for you, as many plugins already exist. Why not use the Massivecore factions for example?

    And your post is by far not extensive enough. I have no idea what you want from me for about half the things you mentioned. If you want a plugin done for you, specially at this size, please put in the effort to make an extensive and clear description of EVERY feature you want. Basic things like mute are okay, but some devs (or I atleast) have never played on a faction server and don't know most of the things you want. Explaining these increaes the amount of devs who COULD make this plugin for you. Theoretically.
    I still doubt you will find somebody, but you never know. Maybe I am too pessimistic. Doing what I said will probably increase your chances at least.
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    A crowbar and a wrench are basically tools used in Hardcore Factions to collect spawners and end portal blocks (only). They have a one time use on spawners and a 6 time use on end portal blocks. Those are the only blocks that a player can use them on. They tend to be very expensive in game: around $40,000.

    KoTH stands for King of The Hill. It is a game mode where players attempt to control, or "capp (capture), a certain area of land for a certain amount of time (3-30 minutes). When a faction successfully captures a KoTH they will receive KoTH Loot. It is received at spawn. It is basically the trophy and goal of the KoTH. KoTH Lookt usally consists of powerful items players can use in game. ei: swords, amour, crowbars, etc.

    Panic usually a donor/famous rank command. Many famous people have the problem of hackers. The /panic command freezes the player that uses it and contacts all admins. The player cannot move, harm other players, or be harmed (at all).

    Chat mode it the speed in which players can insert messages into chat. Example: if a servers chat seems to be uncontrollable (multiple players spamming), then an admin can put public chat into slow mode. This will limit how many times a player can input chat messages in a certain amount of time (ei: onces every 5 seconds)
    Fast mode is just the default chat speed.

    Sounds - when a player receives a private message, a "ping" sound will play alerting the player. When other players spam private messages, the ping can get annoying. Hence the sound toggle. "/sounds pm" means toggle the players private messages sound. The zHCF plugin should also have a public chat "ping". When a player says another player's name in chat another ping should play. "/sounds pb" will toggle public sounds.

    For the permissions comment: ok but this will be a long sheme and may take a while so just hang on (ill get to it)

    Staff mode - after some thought I decided it is unnecessary and will not be needed.

    ScreenShare is a way that staff members can figure out if someone is hacking or not. For the plugin all it does is freeze the player, stop PvP interaction with the player, and shows a warning message saying that if the player logs off the server they will be auto banned (permanently). The waning also consist of a list of intructions on what to do. Heres a video (not mine) showing what it does:

    Reports are stored in a small database within the plugin. (Sorry I was so vague on what happens to reports). These reports are sent to admins. When there is a new report it tells admins and tells them how many unread reports there are. This is usually global (meaning when a report is deleted it is deleted for all staff). Other report commands:
    /acreport read > displays all reports (if more, then seperate pages [i can made a tellraw example open request]) using a list numbering the reports
    /acreport delete [Report number] > deletes specified report
    "ac" means admin console by the way

    Teamspeak - this is defined within the plugins (config, etc).

    A mapkit is the map's limits. Meaning the map's maximum enchantments, the disabled, and the blocked items. The mapkits are defined in the config (or what ever is used).

    "/ip" should have the player argument. (Sorry I was in a rush when I added that)

    The /logout command makes sure that it is 100% safe to logout. If a player is in a combat tag then they cannot logout without having a combat log NPC (Villager) that will act as the player. Here is a more detailed explanation of what this does: https://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/combat-tag/

    /Coords isn't really a priority for this HCF Core. It's mostly just an extra. For players that usually play the more recent Minecraft updates it is different and easier to navigate using F3. But in Minecraft 1.7.10 it can be a bit harder to read coords. By the way this feature is optional.

    Any faction captain, founder, and leader can use /f withdraw and /f deposit .

    All Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis, Diamonds, and Emeralds count as ores.

    /f stuck is for when you are in another faction's base. In HCF players CANNOT /f home inside another factions base. /f stuck will start a 5 minute delayed teleport. During those 5 minutes the player cannot take damage or move or the teleportation will be canceled. The teleport will be targeted at the users faction base.

    /f mod promotes a faction player to a higher power (From player > to leader/captain)

    /f claim protects/preserves an area for your faction. Players not in your faction cannot modify or edit the claimed chunk. Players not in your faction can enter doors but not fence gates, and trap doors. Players with a PvP timer cannot enter any claimed chunk owned by a faction.

    /r replies to the last one received.

    Note: I will attempt to include everything mentioned in your reply. Thank your questions and advice. Also if you have any questions or visualization requests please feel free to reply with them.
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    I Al Istannen

    Much better, but I will probably still have some questions. But I will be gone for a week, so I can just then think about them clearly and bring them to paper ;)

    Just one thing that caught my attention:
    Do you have combat log installed?
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    I do have a combat tag/log plugin installed.
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