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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by termanator1128, May 5, 2016.

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    What i want: I want a plugin that allows people with youtube.disguise to run /ytd disguise (random name) and allows them to disguise as the the name they chose and appears as their nametag above their name and in tab and changes their skin and changes the chat format to the groud but uses the plugin nametagedit to change the prefix/suffix from the youtube group they have from nametagedit to a lower rank defined in the config and it will change their tag to the one from the lower rank but they will keep the youtuber rank permissions. For the youtuber to undisguise they will use the same permission (youtube.disguise) and will run the command /ytd undisguise (check commands for shorter versions of the commands) and it will change their name in tab and above their name to their original name and the youtuber nametagedit prefix/suffix.

    EX: user Windingwarrior8 was youtuber rank with nametagedit tag [yt] so the full name is [yt] Windingwarrior8 and in chat does the command /ytd disguise RandyRandy01. His name with be RandyRandy01 in tab and above his name and in the config i set the rank to change to is vip and the nametagedit is [vip] so when he runs the command his name will change to [vip] Randyrandy01 and same in chat keeping the youtuber permissions. So now he can run the command /ytd undisguise to go back to normal

    Admin Stuff (if possible): allow the admins to run /ytd show to show all youtubers online that are disguised or not disguised and showing the name they are disguised as if they are disguised

    Commands - Permissions:
    - /ytd : shows the help ; youtube.disguise
    - /ytd disguise (name) : disguise as player ; youtube.disguise
    - /ytd dis (name) : disguise as player ; youtube.disguise
    - /ytd d (name) : disguise as player ; youtube.disguise
    - /ytd undisguise : undisguise ; youtube.disguise
    - /ytd undis : undisguise ; youtube.disguise
    - /ytd un : undisguise ; youtube.disguise
    - /ytd show : shows the online youtubers disguised or not ; youtube.admin
    - all commands ; youtube.*

    Version: 1.8-1.9 (all)

    When: ASAP

    If you need more info please let me know
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    Try using NametagEdit to change tag
    ChangeSkin to change the skin
    and Essentials for /nick
    You could use MyCommand or something similar and make a command that auto runs the NametagEdit, ChangeSkin, and Essentials nickname commands (the names would not be customizable but you could have like /ytdHello and it would auto change everything to Hello) - then to reset have it run /nick off <player>, /nte clear <player>, and /setskin <player>. Make sure to add a permission and have the command run as op (the player wont end up as op though)

    Hope I helped,
    Jackson (ScenicJaguar101)
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