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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheTARDIS, Mar 9, 2015.

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  1. Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: YouTube Commands

    What I want: I would like this plugin to allow people with the correct permissions to be able to access kits that would be provided in a configuration file, if said person were to lose their ranks but are still YouTubers or Twitch streamers that they'd get it back upon command and they'd be able to start minigames early. The YouTubers and Twitch streamers would have seperate configuration files to avoid confusion.

    Ideas for commands: /Youtube - gives the ability to YouTubers and gives the YouTube Prefix in chat and TAB List along with in a SideBar. They will also be able to access the kits granted in a config.
    /Twitch - gives the ability to Livestreamers and gives the Twitch Prefix in chat, TAB List and SideBar. They will also be able to access the kits granted in a config.
    /Game Start - Starts Minigames Earlier Than Set In The Configs, Can Be Used By YouTubers, Streamers and Staff.

    Ideas for permissions: player.youtuber - this allows for the /Youtube command to work.
    player.streamer - this allows for the /Twitch command to work.
    Game.Start.command - Allows For The /Game Start Command to Work

    When I'd like it by: By the end of the month would be nice.

    Additional Note: this request is open for development, if someone has an idea that I like, I will edit it in and Credit said person.

    Additional Note 2: Can This Plugin Be Made to Work With Plugins For SkyWars, Survival Games, Hide and Seek and Others Such as UHC? You Can Do With Whatever Of These Plugins, But Please Notify Me Of Which Ones You Have Used.
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    Couldnt this be done in a permissions plugin E.G GroupManager, PermissionsEX ect...?

    i could code it if there was a permissions plugin on coz ill need the name so i can work on it

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    @rivwhall05 player.hasPermission works always, for other permission stuff: Vault
  4. MyCMD, PermissionsEx - GroupManager & essentials, that's all what you need to do it .
  5. The Permission Plugin I Use Is Group Manager @rivwhall05. I'm Not sure setting up it in a permissions plugin without it being a plugin because there isn't a /game start command in any plugin that I Know of except from MGSkyWars, but if you are able to take this on, I thank You.
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  7. I Don't Know How to Work With PermissionsEx, I Prefer to Use Group Manager because I Find it Easier and I Can Efficiently Work Around It. And I'm Not Entirely Sure Command Alias' Will Work Due to The Fact That There Are No Commands Within The Plugins I Use In Which I Can Do What I'm Asking For... That's Why I Want a Plugin..
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    @TheTARDIS Pexs is much better because the subgroups help a lot but if you dont want to its fine. For command alias you can make it so if you do /gamestart (Game) it does the command to join your minigame or whatever.
  9. It's Not That I Don't Want to Use PEX (Well it Kind Of Is....), But I Can't Use It, It's Too Complicated For My Liking... and As I Said, I Can't Do any Command Alias' Because The Plugins I Use Don't Have a Command Such as /Game Start (Which Starts The Game Earlier Than The Preset Time).
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    Command Alias works like this. Let says i want to do the command /warp spleef but i want the command to be /spleef thats what it does it makes it so if someone does /spleef it does the command /warp spleef
    and for starting the game earlier than the preset time is impossible unless all your plugins are custom.
  11. I Know How The Alias' Works, But The Integration Doesn't Work As Easily As You Are Stating.
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    Okay but then all your plugins are going to be custom for what your trying to do.
  13. I suppose? But Couldn't Someone Create a Plugin Around That? So It Bypasses The Set Time Anyways if they integrate the Plugins into This one? Or Am I Being Stupid After Trying to Update One MySelf?
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    It wouldnt be possible since you have so many different minigames. It might be but so complicated that no one would do it.
  15. Aight, Thanks For Your Contribution :) I Was Just Curious to See If It Could... Might Need to Rethink This One :p
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    You could have different commands to start different games i guess.
  17. Perhaps... I Guess I'll Look into Learning Java For MySelf...
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