Tutorial [YOUTUBE SERIES] Bukkit/Spigot 1.8 Plugin Tutorial

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Th3Gam3rz, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Hi,

    I have recently started a new series teaching people how to code a plugin for 1.8 Bukkit/Spigot. It would be great if people check it out and give feedback!

    It's best to watch the videos in HD so that you can see the code that I type clearly, however I do include a Pastebin link in the description so that you can get the code easily.

    It would also be great if people could comment down below what they think I should cover in the future!

    Episode 1 - Eclipse Setup and Basic Console Logging
    Episode 1 (open)

    Episode 2 - Basic Commands and Chat Color
    Episode 2 (open)

    Episode 3 - Healing

    Episode 3 (open)

    Episode 4 - Teleportation Part 1

    Episode 4 (open)

    Episode 5 - Community Request: In-Game Calculator

    Episode 5 (open)

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    @Th3Gam3rz Add @Override annotations on onEnable and onDisable, while not necessary, they are good practice and may prevent issues if typed with the wrong case.

    Why the hell do you use Bukkit#getLogger? Call getLogger inside your own JavaPlugin instead of using the one in the server, besides, Bukkit already print messages when the plugin is enabling/disabling.
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  4. Thanks for the tips on getLogger and @Override. As I explained in the video, It is not necessary to log the enable and disable messages because Bukkit already does this, but I log messages just to show the console logging feature as a start to plugin development. I definitely agree with you on that though, as I see so many video tutorials that feel it is necessary to output "Such and Such Version 1.0 has been Enabled!" when Bukkit already does it.
  5. Well at least it's better than the BcBroz, amirite? ;)
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  6. You guessed who I was referring to then.
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    @Th3Gam3rz Alright, I understand, but that't still not a reason to use Bukkit#getLogger, JavaPlugins have their own for a reason.

    @MrBlackIsBack Everything is better than thebcbroz
  8. @Konato_K That can be debated....

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  9. New Episode, Episode 5 - In-Game Calculator
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    1. ScriptEngine engine = ScriptEngineManager.get("JavaScript");
    2. engine.eval("150*150 / 21032103021302101");

    edit: this is probably a little stupid, but it works.
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  11. wait, what?
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    You can enter pretty much any expression into that and it will return an integer or a double or whatever.
  13. Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Episode 6 - Permissions and ItemStacks
    Episode 6 (open)
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    Make a Vault tutorial.
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