Your Thoughts On An Adventure Map That Requires Bukkit

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by elfin8er, May 17, 2014.

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  1. I've had an idea for a while to make an open world adventure map in Bukkit. I've come up with some concepts with redstone, and have been able to do some pretty cool things. However, with redstone, your game can really lag (even if you have a decent computer). Especially with a redstone clock(s) doing many checks every tick or so. Bukkit is many times faster, and I personally don't see a reason not to use it.
    I've talked to many people about creating an adventure map that requires Bukkit, but nobody seems to like the idea? Why not!?

    I've decided to create a pros and cons list so I can show people why I think Bukkit is better than vanilla Minecraft.

    Easy to install - A jar file could very easily be created that could download, and run everything needed to play. It would download Bukkit, the map itself, and all of the plugins needed. After it's done, it could create another jar that would be run to start the server. That's all that would have to be done. No having to install maps, and resource packs.
    More Possibilities - You can do everything in Bukkit that you can do with redstone, plus more and it's all faster than redstone.
    Auto Resource Packs - Unless it's changed, Bukkit can automatically download and apply resource packs (with your permission). Now, there's no longer any need for installing resource packs yourself.
    Built in Multiplayer - You're already on a server, so you just need to port forward, and have your friends join (which you'd already have to do if you wanted to play a vanilla map on multiplayer).

    Not as impressive - It's just not as impressive to see it done in Bukkit. You can do whatever you want in Bukkit (Well... almost).
    Too intimidating - It may be a bit intimidating to those who are used to traditional vanilla adventure maps
    No snap shots - You don't get adventure maps with the brand spanking new features. Are many adventure maps even made in the snapshot?
    More disk space - It may take a few megs more to do it this way.

    Anyways, I just want to get your guys' take on this whole idea. What are your thoughts on an adventure map that requires Bukkit? Post your thoughts below :)
  2. I'm working on concepts at the moment. The things that you can do with this are really neat.
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    Is it 1996 already?
  4. Haha, good point. I was just trying to find every reason that someone wouldn't want to play a Bukkit adventure map.
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