You know your addicted to Bukkit/Plugins when...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MrRedLogan, Jan 22, 2012.

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    I didnt see a thread on this so i made one =P

    I actually had this happen at work today...

    You know your addicted to Bukkit/Plugins when you see something out of place at work and instantly think to LogBlock who did it.
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    You spend more than 50 hours a week developing them
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    You keep one eye on the server console and have to suppress a scream when 50 lines of [SEVERE] messages appear on it.
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    You make a thread like this one.
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    when your server looks like this...even AFTER cleaning up the 10 'unneeded' plugins
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    You spend hours of your day checking over config files for mistakes and keeping your plugins up to date, specially during Bukkit dev build times like these.

    ...I am a very, very sad man. :C
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    When you work on computers daily, and then come home to work on computers making Bukkit Plugins.
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    HA i know the feeling, 3/4 of my time spent 'playing' is tweaking plugins, checking new plugins that can replace more than 2 (combined features). looking at configs that Ive set 40 times before looking for small changes I can make in them to help out...
    After this long, I dont think I could just be a 'player' in MC anymore. I enjoy doing this more than playing. I wouldn't make a month before bored if I didnt have a server and test server to tweak/customize/apply player feedback to make it better for everyone on it.

    Guess its akin to when I played AD&D, as DM i loved it for 10+ years, as a player character I couldn't do more than a few sessions before becoming bored or frustrated thinking "I could make this campaign so much more fun than this, just gimme the dice/DM shield and books and let me do it :p".
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    I feel sorry for you.
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    and when you look forward to when a new dev plugin gets release and you have to delete the config and reconfigure it all due to new features =D
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    When you use a buggy software like minecraft and are hopeful that it will be stable
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    After some tweaking it all runs fine. now the players are so use to them, I cant remove any of them without a fight.
    but long as they all work without any problems, I'm good :)
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