You don't have access to go here...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lolzrofl, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Why am I getting this error all of a sudden?
    I can't tell what plugin is causing this.

    Can someone please reply?

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    did you ever figure out which plugin was causing this?
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  4. This sound like an old version of Multiverse 2. It sounds like you don't have your permissions setup properly.

    World access perms are: multiverse.access.WORLDNAME

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    OMG I've been searching for this for hours!! Finally found it :) :) Thanks fernferret! Oh and I'm using Multiverse-Portals/Core 2.1
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    fernferret, I have a question. I have the permission multiverse.access.WORLDNAME: true (Permissions Bukkit) and not an OP but the admin of the server. When I go into the portal it says "You don't have access to go here..." I want other people to go there too
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    Omg where do you enter these random words? I have been looking for where to put in these "blah.blab.gibberish" stuff.
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