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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by RumbleIV, Oct 18, 2012.

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    When my users try to use items, and click on sandstone and what not its give this error and errors like it

    plugin list:
    world portal, nodrop, rankuponkills, worldedit, nocheatplus, fastsoup, vault, modifyworld,permissionex, kill announcer, pvpkits, worldguard, essentials, chatmanager, essentialsspawn, essentialschat, essentials antibuild
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    Ohh how extremely informative, let me just magically repair the problem for you.... Done.
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    Plugin list please.
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    updated with it

    sorry updated with more info

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    Probably AntiBuild, add the proper permission to your default group.
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    I'll just remove the whole plugin.
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    Fine with me broseph.
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    Another user just had the same issue and it was Essentials AntiBuild.
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    i dont get why people install essentialsantibuild.jar if they dont want to use that jar..
    seriously, what you think it does?
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    Just Remove Essentils AntiBui;d
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