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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Nogtail, Dec 29, 2013.

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    I ma using YAML to store data for my plugin and need to get a list of "segments" from each "display" but also need to get the display from each segment. I am currently storing the segment and the display in two places which I don't usually like doing as you have to modify both when making a change to one.

    I think I am using YAML too much like SQL but not sure how I could do it so I wouldn't have to loop through all displays to get a segment.

    If you don't understand what I mean (I don't expect you too) please ask :)

    An example yml file:
                world: world
                direction: EAST
                    x: 10
                    y: 5
                    z: -1
                    x: 12
                    y: 7
                    z: -1
            display: 1
            uid: 8425900181159279153
            display: 1
            uid: 8425900181159555153
            display: 1
            uid: 8425966221159279153
            display: 1
            uid: 8425900188462279153
  2. Nogtail
    Maybe try something along the lines of this?

    //assuming this is in the config.yml
    if (getConfig().getKeys(false).contains("segments." + getTheSegmentNum + ".display"){
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    It's not reading it that I have a problem with, it's more the fact that I have display under segment and segment under display. I do this so that I don't need to go through all the displays and call getSegments() then loop through all of them, I want to just get a display from a segment but not have display stored twice, this would be simple with SWL but that is out of the question so I was wondering if it is possible with YAML.
  4. Nogtail
    I just realized tht what I posted has nothing to do with your problem :p When I get home I'll figure something out. It sucks doing this on a phone :p
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