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    So here's the situation, I have a bunch of plugins like Essentials, WorldEdit, WorldGuard ect. I've also got PermissionsBukkit with fully configured permissions on all my plugins EXCEPT MYWORLDS.
    Anyway, it turns out MyWorlds doesn't support PermissionsBukkit, however it turns out you can use 'SuperPermsBridge' before a node to make it pretend it is Permissions 3 or something. But this doesn't work? MyWorlds fully supports Permissions 3, but I can't use Permissions 3 because it's not updated.

    Just to let you know, I'm using MyWorlds because it let's me configure the game mode in different worlds. If you can find a plugin that's up to date, allows you to configure game modes in different worlds and can also create remove or edit worlds and stuff, please PM me a link!!

    Basically, could you tell me how to set up SuperPermissionsBridge or tell me how to get MyWorlds to work with PermissionsBukkit.

    P.S. please don't post 'why can't you do this, or do that?', please only post the answer please.
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    Oh my goodness... I already said I HAD READ THE WIKI. They don't specifically tell you how to do it. Or at least in a way I can understand.

    Anybody else willing to READ THE WHOLE ENTIRE POST before replying?
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    I'm going to answer the question in your title

    I didn't read your thread because you used all caps. Would you talk to someone who started a conversation by shouting at you and asking why you were not talking to them ?

    Show a bit of respect for the community and you will get much further.
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    What are you, high? How the hell do you not know that I accidentally did that? True I did that purpose, but how do you also not know that I've posted this same post like 3 or 4 times and nobody's replied? Not even viewed it. Cut me some slack, you know someone would get angry if nobody answered their question after asking it several times. Also, it seems as though you're also assuming that I'm rude to the community all the time. I'll have you know, I help the community, I look for posts where I can help. But it looks like you're not very good at that, more annoying people. But hey, I'm only basing this of what you've posted.

    Now, are you here bitch and wine about my manners, or help me? Cus' you can just gtfo if you're not gonna help me, considering this is the, oh, uhm, HELP SECTION.
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    If you are not getting the help you want you should try to re-work your question to be more clear, instead of just repeating it.

    Multiple posts with the same topic are also classed as spam and not allowed.

    Personal attacks now ? Let me try, your typing skills are below average !
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    Not sure how you can prove this, but that's quite funny...

    Also, it may be spam, but are you gonna answer my issue in hand? Cus' otherwise, like I said, you can gtfo. Can't be arsed to argue with someone I don't even know.
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    You got your answer here. maybe you should have a go at the method described here rather than shouting at us ?

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    But that explains nothing! Have said, the Wiki doesn't help me. It tells me, like there in your quote, to add superpermsbridge.whatever to any permission that might support permissions 3 but might not support permissions bukkit, and it acts like a 'fake' bridge. But it doesn't work. It also says put it in your config file, but which config file?

    You get what I mean now? That quote is NO help to me. Like I've already said, could someone help me with this? Cus' what the Wiki says is useless.
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    That quote tells you exactly what to do, I'll summarise it
    1. Install the bridge plugin.
    2. put superpermbridge. before any permissions that need to use the bridge.
    What can't you do about that ?
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    'What can't I do about that'

    It's not like I can't do it, it's that it doesn't work.
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    That is because you did it wrong. But just saying it doesn’t work does not make it very easy to help ! In what way does it not work ? What does happen and what were you expecting ?
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    sorry >.<
    didn't read your post carefully enough yesterday (._. )
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    Sorry for the long awaited reply
    What happens is I put superpermsbridge. behind every MyWorlds permissions, but it just does the same as if it wasn't there - nothing. It just goes to the default settings ie, op. Like I said, it literally does nothing.
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    Then you probably did it wrong ? What does your permissions file look like ?
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    I'm gonna go ahead and say this, unless you have superpermbridge.myworld.whatever: true as a permission node, you're doing it wrong.

    Also multiverse is considerably better than MyWorlds.

    Also multiverse is superperms compatible.

    Also multiverse is totally up-to-date.
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