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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by HeroJackPvP, Jul 13, 2020.

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    Version: 1.8.8
    What I need: I need a plugin that condenses a players exp into a bottle. When a player types /xpwithdraw [Amount] a bottle will appear in their inventory (it would be nice if I could control the name and lore of the item in the config with a placeholder for xp amount) and whenever any player on the server splashes that bottle they will receive all of the exp the player condensed into the xpbottle. I know there are other plugins like this, however I want to charge my players for using this command. For every xp withdrawn it will charge the player 1 dollar. So if they do the command /xpwithdraw 50000 It will charge the player 50,000.
    When?: ASAP
    Perms: xpw.default: /xp withdraw [amount]
    Allows players to use bottle
    xpw.free: Allows players to withdraw with no price
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    This is the plugin


    /expwithdraw (alias: /ew) [amount] - Permission: expwithdraw.withdrawexp
    /ewreload - Permission: expwithdraw.reloadconfig

    The permission to modify the amount a player can withdraw expwithdrawamount.[amount],a player can be in multiple groups that have the permission expwithdrawamount.[amount] and it will selected the highest number from those permissions.For example a player is in a group with the group deafult with the expwithdrawamount.1000 and also he is in the group admin with the permission expwithdrawamount.50000. In this case the player can withdraw 50000 if he has it collected. If you are an op you don't need to worry about the permission and will be able to extract any experience (if you have it collected)
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