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    Suggested name: XP storage

    What I want: So basically in the config i could set it so a certain item (ex: rotten flesh) if you typed the command /XP store with it in your hand it changes. If the item is stacked, it turns into one. So you would right click to gain your stored XP. And left click to deposit. Now I have seen a lot of plugins make it so it stores like 100 - which is one level, but I want it to store your levels. So if i had 30 levels and had 60 in their, I would get it back for 90 levels. Also in config make it customizable for item to use like fire, rotten flesh or whatever. But for it to work the player must type the command in their hand for it to switch to be able for the item to store levels.

    Ideas for commands:
    /xp store
    /xp off - switches the item back to normal
    Then if you have the correct item in your hand it turns into one.All you do is left click. To deposit right click to get xp back

    Ideas for permissions:
    xpstore.store - allows you to store XP inside the item

    When I'd like it by: Sooner then later :p

    Note: i do know there are plugins similar to this, but some are outdated and not correctly what I want, thanks.
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    dont bump if I am already making this for you.
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    you never stated you were making it for him
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    He PM'd me to make it for him... so yea, probably should've announced it aloud :)
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    Easy plugin. If snipz does not finish it, i will do it.
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    Thanks everyone! And snips for making this

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