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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by subzero110, Dec 24, 2014.

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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: Prestige

    What I want:
    Every time a player gets a kill they will receive '2XP'. This should then be logged to a MySQL database which can be setup in the Config file. The XP will NOT show up on the XP bar but will come up with a chat message to the player telling them something like this:
    When a player reaches Level 50 they can do /prestige to go back to XP level one but will recieve a prestige star that can be defined in the config file. There are 5 prestige levels that a user can gain!

    Ideas for commands & permissions:
    /prestige - prestige.prestige
    /xpset (Username) (XP amount) - prestige.admin
    /xp give (Username) (XP amount) - prestige.admin

    When I'd like it done by:
    As soon as possible

    If any further clarification is needed, just leave a comment below :D

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    @subzero110 I dont mind making it but im not that good at mysql so it'll be in a config anyway ill start working on it right now :D

    @subzero110 Ok Done! but what i didn't really get the prestige levels so if you can explain it better ill be happy to add it in just PM me :D

    /xp - Shows your XP balance. - Permission: none
    /xp add - adds XP to a player. - Permission: xp.add
    /xp remove - removes XP from a player. - Permission: xp.remove

    API: Use this to hook in
    XP.getXP(Player); - Gets a players XP
    XP.add(xp, Player); - Adds a player XP
    XP.remove(xp, player); - Removes XP from a player

    DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7r6ufrlclzca7nf/XPPrestige.jar?dl=0

    Sorry it took so long i went to take a shower and forgot to click reply.

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    Hey gal,
    I really appreciate you making this plugin!
    Basically, when you reach level 50 XP, you can type in the command /prestige. When this command is typed in and the player is online it will make a public announcement to the server saying: (PlayerName) has reached prestige level 1. The XP will be reset to level 1 again and the player will have a prestige star suffix which can be defined in the Config file. I hope you understand and if not please reply to this.

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    EDIT by Subzero110: I have just installed your plugin. Everytime I kill somebody I gain 2 levels. I wish only a level to be gained when they reach a set amount of XP as in Vanilla Minecraft.

    @amatokus I have looked into this plugin but it is not working sufficiently & does not offer all features mentioned

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