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    Plugin category: XP

    Minecraft version: 1.16.3

    Suggested name: XP Multiplier

    When I'd like it by: Anytime soon

    /xpm claim
    Lets the User claim their xp multiplier

    When Claimed a broadcast announcement (essentials broadcast) would be sent out
    with the following:
    "&b&{user} has &6activated &aXP Multiplier for 24 hours!"

    If there is already a active xp boost users will not be able to
    activate another one until the boost has finished.

    /xpm list
    Lists the current amount of xp multiplier the user has
    via chat.

    /xpm display
    Displays the current xp multiplier boost time left

    Admin Commands:
    /xpm give (playername here) (amount here)
    /xpm take (playername here) (amount here)
    /xpm reload

    /xpm bossbar
    This would display the current amount of time left on the current boost.
    xpm bossbar's title would be "&cXP Multiplier Boost Time Left"

    This plugin would be a xp multiplier of a factor of 2x the original amount of xp you would obtain from anything from mining, farming, breeding, smelting, trading with villagers etc. It would not be a permanent change, they would be xp boosts for a duration of 24 Hours and can only be claimed once per purchase. this XP multiplier would be a global boost, every player would experience this xp boost.
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    Could you please tell me how the multiplier would be activated. Do you want players to get an item and when they right-click it the multiplier would get activated? Would you like them to activate it via command, or GUI? Basically, I'm asking you what happens when you type /xpm claim (do you get an item, have a GUI open, or does it just activate automatically when you type the command.)
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    Via gui would work fine, maybe with the option as well to confirm activation
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    I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you but I didn't have much free time, I will start coding tomorrow when the weekend starts, and I will inform you once im done.
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    sounds good man! thanks!
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    I am going to sleep now so I'll give you a little progress report:

    I made a data.yml (DON'T EDIT THAT) to store all multipliers the player has.
    I made all the admin command first becuase they are the only way to get xp multipliers (btw I renamed the admin command from /xpm give /xpm take /xpm reload to /xpma give /xpma take /xpma reload (xp multiplier admin (xpma)) for ease of use and permissions and tabcompleters and many other things I hope you are ok with that.
    Tomorrow I will make the player commands and hopefully finish the plugin.

    1 question the should the bossbar command realy be an admin only command or do you it to be available for all players cause why would admins need xp multipliers

    EDIT: Also I must tell you that the reload command is basically useless. The plugin doesn't have anything that needs reloading and I haven't made the messages custom. So basically it does nothing.


    EDIT: This is me 1 day after this post. I pretty much finished the plugin, I just want to test it out a little more. I have not yet implements the bossbar, so once I do that, ill upload it to spigot.
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    I ment for the bossbar command to be used for all players, if you want you could add an extension to the plugin by adding a file based on which players don't need the xp multiplier (excluding them). This would make the reload command a bit more useful.

    This is only a suggestion though so you can do what you would like with it.
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    By that you mean a file were you store some player names and these players won't be affected by the multiplier?

    I can do the but there is not much of a point in doing that.

    Edit: One more question, when you reload / shutdown the server, it is going to stop the active multiplier. To fux this I have to add it to a file and it would also be kinda hard to use this with the bossbar. Is this a problem for you or not?
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    Our server doesn't shut down frequently at all so this would most likely won't be an issue.
    and yeah lets scrap the idea of the files with names.
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    Thanks, it will be easier to complete the plugin now, and I could always implement the changes on an update whenever I have time.

    I have pretty much finished the plugin now. Before I upload I want to make sure you like it and that it has all the features you want. I made a video demonstration that shows all the features. The only problem is that the multiplier gets stopped on server reset but since you said that you were ok with that, I will find a fix later, for now just say if you like it and if you do I'll upload it.

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    looks great :D
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    Ok, I will upload it in a bit and I'll upload a version were the multipliers don't stop on restart.

    EDIT: I uploaded the plugin, if you like it, mark this as filled and give the plugin a 5-star :D

    LINK: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/xp-multiplier.86046/
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