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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by gb_factory, Mar 31, 2018.

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    Plugin category: Levels

    Minecraft version: 1.7.1o

    Suggested name: XpLevels

    What I want: I'd like a plugin with 35 levels to complete with a certain amount of xp and for every level a rewars, at the end of all levels there is a Final Reward.
    All levels are in a GUI accessible with the command /levels.

    Levels icons in the GUI:
    - Non complete level has a minecart with furnace as icon.
    - Complete levele has a minecraft with hopper as icon.
    - Level to complete at the moment has a minecart with chest as icon.
    - Final Reward as a redstone block when is locked and an emerald block when is claimed.

    Levels lore in the GUI:
    - Non compete level:
    Level locked
    Cost: [level_cost]
    Reward: [level_reward]
    - Complete level:
    Level completed

    Custom rewards in a config file.

    When a player claim the level there is a chat message with: You have completed a level.

    Ideas for commands: /levels > Open the levels GUI.

    Ideas for permissions: levels.use > To open the levels Gui

    When I'd like it by: In the next days..
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    I'd be willing to take a shot at it, i'd need to know what gets players xp.
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    You need to know the rewards for each level?
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    No just what makes the player earn xp? just the normal minecraft xp or some special events like mining so many blocks etc
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    The levels can be completed with the normal minecraft experience, every level has a cost:
    1) 10.000 Exp
    2) 20.000 Exp
    3) 30.000 Exp
    .... you add 10 k exp every leve
    34) 340.000 Exp
    35) 35.000 Exp
    Final Reward) Free
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  7. I have thought about making a fairly similar plugin to this, with a custom amount of experience required for levels being a significant feature- although I wasn’t initially planning on having it be configurable per-level, and instead by a formula.

    Edit: Nevermind, sorry. I’m not a huge fan of prison servers; unless you made yours in a very good way, I’m not sure about helping.
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    Sorry but i think that you don't understand what is my request.
    I need a plugin that can give you items with a certain amount of xp, and every items is a level from 1 to 35, when you claim item n 1 with a certain amount of xp you unlock the possibility to claim item number and like this until the level 35, when you claim the last level you can claim a final free reward.
    PS: This isn't for a prison server.
  9. Ah, I had guessed it was when the Final Reward was “Free”, as in you get to go free from a prison. I also assumed you meant actual experience levels, as that is what I was thinking of doing for another plugin. Will any experience you gain go towards these levels, or do you actually have to cash in/lose experience by putting it towards a level? If so, level 35 would cost ~860 experience levels by itself, and a player might lose that by then.
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    You gain normal xp points and with these points you can unlock and complete levels. In my server you can withdraw experience levels so a player don't have to carry around 860 levels.
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