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    I had an idea that would simplify economy plugins, what if the currency was XP?
    everyone knows what level they are, so little need for balance commands, though the exact amount of XP would still need to be found somehow. It would allow for the easy purchase of Enchantments, because you would otherwise need to level up on your own to attain them. It could be coupled with the experience banking plugin to protect money. It seems like a good idea to me, tell me what you think and hopefully get this into development! :D
  2. Looks interesting.
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    While this is a good idea, it would not be possible due to the fact that the experience leveling system is not linear but is in fact exponential.
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    The leveling system shouldn't be an issue because the econ would be based on the actual experience rather than the level. Even if it does come to basing it off of the Level, you could take the exponent into account.
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    Player p;
    Its simple.
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