XP drop on death but not iteams

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by fammy001, Apr 29, 2021.

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    HYY in my server i turned on keep inventory, but players are now missusing it they prefer to die after a mining session or a travelling session rather than comming back.

    I want an plugin that drops there XP when they die but not iteams
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    Would you not prefer some form of graves plugin? That would encourage players not to die as they would have to travel to recover their items but also means that players cannot completely lose their items.

    If that's not what you have in mind then you can probably use a command block to do this, when a player dies just set their XP to zero.
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    Also, please be a little more descriptive in your requests, when requesting a plugin you must provide us with at least the spigot version and like a name for the plugin (also commands and perms but your plugin doesn't have those)
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    Hi fammy001,

    Which spigot version?
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