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Would you play/enjoy this?

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  1. Yes it would be awesome!

  2. It would be alright.

  3. I can see some playing but not me.

  4. No I don't like this idea.

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    With Spout in the making allowing for custom items and other customs being able to be added to SMP I am thinking of attempting to create a plugin that converts Minecraft into a WoW (World of Warcraft) replica. My only concern is that this will take ages and I'm not sure if many people will actually use/enjoy this plugin. If i do decide to start work on this it will/might include the following:

    100+ custom items
    An all new pvp system(somewhat like WoW)
    Classes(like WoW)
    Spells(like WoW)
    Inability to modify world(I will make a custom world to go with this)
    Raid system(somewhat like WoW)
    Guilds?(not sure how this would work on a small server)
    Leveling system(a must)
    MultiChar system(there is a spawn where you use a command to create/use a charater of which you then teleport and "become" that character)
    And more (I thought of before but can't remember now)

    All of this will be custom made and no code will be taken (possibly looked at but not directly taken) and this plugin, spout and the world will be the only things you would need. My only worry is that this might not work on Minecraft's normally fairly small server. Please vote in the poll what you think and reply why you voted for that choice and if there is any specific thing I should include if i decide to attempt this I should add.

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    Combine some plugins and you get this one
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    I see what you mean but I would be making a huge amount of custom items for this and most plugins at the moment due to the limitations of Bukkit (no customs etc) most don't give the full effect of which this I hope would deliver.
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    or play wow... >_>

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