Would like to learn how to code my own plugins~

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SergeantLeper, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Been hosting a server for about a month now.
    I'd like to learn how to code my own plugins - I'm new to Java. Can a fine Good Samaritan lead me to a good resource where I can get started? Any tips/things I should know? Hopefully something that also correlates with the type of code gobbledy-gook that Minecraft plugin coding works with would be magnificent as well.

    Thanks for the help, and I applaud you if you somehow understood what I'm trying to say.
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    I second that. If your interested in working together I am looking for form a development duo.
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    You could read through the Bukkit API javadoc, and the sample plugin that Dinnerbone provided. Making small modifications to the sample plugin and then compiling it to test your results is a good starting point. If you need help setting up the dev environment there is a tutorial below.

    It would help to get a crash course on Java so you have at least some idea of how to accomplish the simple things. Also, if you need help beyond the scope of what google can provide, you could ask around in the IRC channel (Esper #bukkit).

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    I can't help you with plugins - I'm new to that myself. However I've been coding Java for over 10 years now and I can refer you to a few good books.

    Goodrich, Tamassia; Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, 2nd edition: Excellent compendium, provides introduction to Java and an overview about essential data structures and abstract data types.

    Rainer Oechsle; Parallelle und verteilte Anwendungen in Java: German book on parallel and distributed Java applications. Excellent introduction into the multithreaded Java language paradigms; threads, concurrent data structures, synchronization.

    Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides; Design Patterns, Relements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software; in my opinion a must-read. Incredibly helpful for software design. Explains the common creational, structural and behavioral patterns.

    Fowler; Refactoring, Improving the Design of Existing Code: must-read if you're dealing with agile programming. It explains methods of methodically restructuring your code to meet certain criteria.

    Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest; Introduction to Algorithms: Everything you always wanted to know about algorithms. It helped me a lot in understanding certain algorithms when I was writing my thesis. Not for the layman. Seriously. Only useful if you intend to make a living off software design (which I do). ;)
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    If you're looking to learn java and then code for Bukkit, there's a few resources that I couldn't recommend enough (in the chronological order of what you should learn):

    Sun's (now Oracle's) Java Tutorial - If you start at the beginning and work your way through its "trails", it's surprisingly helpful. It starts off with an introduction about how to get started from scratch, but goes through pretty much everything that you could ever want to do with java.

    The Java 6 Api (Javadocs) - This sexy beast has info on every single built-in java class, the methods it has, and more. Learning how to use this will also be helpful when working with Bukkit because it also provides...

    Bukkit Javadoc - All the Bukkit classes, enums, methods, om nomnom.

    Bukkit Source and CraftBukkit Source - The actual source pulling Bukkit together and that you'll be hooking in to.
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    if you are looking for some basic java stuff, I would recommend thenewboston's java tutorials on youtube. I'm new myself, and they have helped me to get an understanding for the language. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for all the help, gentlemen!
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    Thanks from me as well!
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    Yes, thank you, this thread is very helpful.
  10. How easy do you guys think it would be to go from using C++ to Java? I haven't used Java since like... 2003.

    I expect Java to drive me utterly mad.
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    Good resources, this thread will end up helping a lot of people.
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    actually it isn't that bad, you get used to (spoken from a ASM/C/C++ guy) fairly quickly not to mention it lets you pick up another language and continue to be fluent in it
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    are the codes the same as hmod compared to bukkit?
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    What tkelly, Brain, and 8e8 suggested is probably the way to go. I just jumped into programming Java with the hMod tutorial, but since then I've learned a lot. However, it's probably best to actually get some basic knowledge of Java before starting plugin development. :p

    Actually no, so you should check out the Bukkit Java docs as linked above, and the "Getting started with Bukkit" topic in the Discussion forum. There are some things Bukkit doesn't have right now that hMod does, but keep in mind Bukkit isn't finished yet. :)
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    Thanks alot! Just got started learning Java at school, and this could be a good extra touch for me!
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    Hello, people! I am also looking to go into partnership with someone into making plugins for this epic new mod! I have all the basic training <Through Bout Books>. I have a <2 Year Digree in administration, installation, when it comes to alll classic mods and some Beta mods!!!!!! I also need help developing plugins for this new modification!! So if you're interrested MESSAGE ME!!

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    This new client also makes me want to get into programming my own mods. I also have a nice server set up if any of you would like to test out their mods.
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    But speaking of c++ to Java.. Ehhhhhhhhhhh.... I don't know!! Java has like 43654 times more coding then c++.. So yeah buddy be prepared =/ Might not be that bad :p..
    --- merged: Jan 14, 2011 1:49 AM ---
    If you're interested or would appove. I'd like to join you to devlop plugins together as a team!!
    I will except anyones question to develop with me and i am eager to make plugins for the first time:D
    So please make sure if you're interested.. To be a team and develop plugins for the community that thrive from them!! <Plesse gimme a reply>!!:)
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    I am learning Java at school, however the scope of the class(no pun intended) if very small.​
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    I've made programs in Java for quite a while(10+ years) and I also made software in C/C++(4+ years?). I kinda know both ways in switching from and to C++/Java.

    In my experience switching to c++ was real confusing in the beginning. For the most part I was like header files WTF? And I put a lot of code in the header file instead of the c++ file (where it probably should have been). Declaration and code is actually more seperated than in Java, but you have the freedom to disobey that! C++ does not have it's own garbage collector and the program you make in C++ does not run in a VM (most of the time). So the C++ code could have memory leaks if your not careful. You have to clean and keep track of the used memory yourself.

    When switching back to Java I noticed that I cursed a lot ( LOL) . You do not have as much freedom and the memory management is very different. Esspecially when using pointers in C++. Java forces you to make a class for everything.

    But I can say that the knowledge in C++ helps to write better programs in Java (and vice versa).
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    Can someone remake this kit and fix the plugin constructor? just so noobs don't get confused.
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