Question Would /lagg unloadchunks in a forever loop reduce lag?

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Do you think /lagg unloadchunks in a forever loop for everyone would recude lagg and why?

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    Hello. Does anyone know if having /lagg unloadchunks (for everyone) in a loop would reduce lagg?

    So like where ever the player is facing , the chunks behind would not be loaded for them or something?

    I thought that would be a good idea.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Tails_Prower_24 Turn the player around and the server needs to act based on that, sending all the required data for that chunk while the server itself needs to load it from the filesystem.
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    Another thought came to me. If that happens, would /lagg unloadchunks be a bad thing and add more lag to the server. Because mabey it takes just as much effort to unload chunks as it does to load them?

    What would be the purpose of that command?
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    What I did on my server a long time ago was simply made a plugin that would run the command every hour to ensure that any chunks that didn't need to be loaded were unloaded. I think that this would possibly be a good idea.
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    But if it takes as much effort for the server to unload chunks as it does to load them, then idk how this can make the server less laggy because it would be trying to load the chunks, and on top of that unload other chunks.

    I just saw a video on this plugin and he was explaining all the lag commands and /lagg unloadchunks was one of them, and I assumed that it reduced lag.

    From my understanding, unloaded chunks are chunks that the players are not looking at.

    Thank you.
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    You are correct, however sometimes chunks will stay loaded. I don't really know why and I'm sure someone else could answer this better than me, but I'll have a few thousand tiles loaded which is way more than necessary. If you're not running /lagg unloadchunks every 5 seconds, it's probably not going to really lag your server. It really doesn't take too much to re-load server chunks, but obviously doing it every 5 seconds is counter productive. Doing it every half an hour to an hour is nice as it sort of clears the cache of unneeded chunks.
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