"Worship" some simple deity/god gameplay additions for PVP, RPG and more

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by foxwillow, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Plugin category: RPG?

    Suggested name: Worship

    What I want:
    I know that 'Gods' exists, and could generally do some of this stuff, but it's out of development and not updated, and the developer's own server has been offline forever. Still, this is mildly different, and maybe even simpler.

    I've actually got several other plugins in mind for some difficult stuff. I'd like to be able to set Gods and give users the ability to choose one at a time to worship. Assign the ability to grant permission nodes exclusively to worshippers of a certain religion. That's actually most of it. I'd like to config hard-coded Gods, but others may like to allow players to make their own.

    I want worshipping and changing a God to be done at a server-designated temple, and only at that temple. The option to do so via sign or something would be great. "You have renounced 'Zeus' and now worship 'Athena'!" I'm assuming I could just make this happen by incorporating another plugin to run /worship {God} on right click...? Cooldowns between the ability to change worship.

    God Mood: For the status of the God's contentment over their worshippers. Have it as a config option for most events so each God can be pleased or displeased by certain things. A God's contentment can have random implications to gameplay (free loot, punishment, etc). Pray/worship at main/server temple, plus allow altars to be made by players. Altars offer less happiness to the God, though. (config) Cooldowns between prayers.

    God Config: Each God could have different rules... all passive. Gods can find foods and actions to be holy or sacrilegious (which simply raise or lower their mood when a follower does them). Config the option to bless or curse members of their own religion, maybe even others. A chaotic God may smite/curse one of his/her own followers for little reason. Especially if their mood is low. It'd be nice to have a pool of options to config for each God's specific personality... including what they like to grant their followers. Anytime members of the same religion kill each other it should probably have a configable drain to mood. Maybe a boost when killing someone else. Example: A God named "Peace" is upset by eating animals, killing animals, killing each other, and even just a bit upset by killing other religions. Happy about planting and farming, gives out random blessings more often. A God named "Chaotica" is annoyed by eating vegetables, wants animals eaten, loves killing other religions and even gets off on their own people dying. Prone to randomly do bad things even to his own people, even if he's happy (but more if he's unhappy).

    Offerings/Sacrifice: A specific block or region in the God's Temple where things are immediately deleted and "sent to the God." Probably a specific lava spawn/water spawn that an op can /worship offer {God} to set the viewed block to be an offer spot for that god. Can make several for like a 2x2 pool of lava or something in the temple.

    Religious Competions: Configurable competitions amidst the Gods. If there's 5 Gods, a Religious Competition could trigger every X amount of time. The first God to 'win' grants their followers a buff. No changing of worship is allowed during a competition so people can't switch to the winning religion. Examples: First religion to slay 500 mobs gets a reward. First religion to sacrifice a number of (item) to their God gets a reward. First religion to meet a prayer quota (in temple... at a sign?) avoids a curse that all the losing Gods dole out to their followers.

    Religious Quests: Similar to above, but only given to random followers, or maybe a full religion. User Mineboy5 is given a quest to sacrifice 15 cactus to Zeus. He has X time to complete, maybe just for increasing/decreasing Zeus's mood, maybe for an actual reward. Or, Zeus's entire group of worshippers has X amount of time to (slay X mob), sacrifice (X) items, make (X) prayers, etc.

    God's Champion: Hunger-games-like. (This is definitely my least-important included part). If there are 5 (configable) or more followers for each religion online, then there's some kind of chance of a Religious Battle Royale, where one of each is randomly chosen and transported to a spot (probably an extra world) so they don't lose their inv items. Fight to the death with whatever is granted them in that world, other plugins can be used for kits and such. Reward/Punishment as above... whichever 'God' wins the battle, the results are blessing/curses for the whole religion.

    Ideas for commands: I'd like this to work with as few commands as possible, though the option would be great for most servers.

    /worship {God} - to choose or change the God you worship.
    /godinfo - to view each God's mood (either word designators or even a mood meter)
    /godinfo {God} - to view some specifics of this god. holy/sacrilege items/foods, and a descriptor

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: ASAP. This isn't an "omg now soon hurry" ASAP, but more of a "hey, this would be awesome to have as soon as it can be made." Thanks!
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    bump <3 maybe i wrote too much :/
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    @foxwillow HUGE plugin, it will maybe be made.. IDK I didnt even read it all
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    Had a quick read through it, I don't really understand some aspects of it though. I would maybe consider doing this, if you were to give me a brief summary of the plugin, thanks :)

    EDIT: For example, would each God have a different temple? I also don't really understand the 'God Mood' and 'God Config' paragraphs.
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    Yes, each god would have a separate temple.

    The real brief summary is this: There are multiple gods set up in config. A bunch of stuff a player does will either please (+) or anger (-) their god. Each god has a happiness (mood) of -1000 to 1000, and then that number (-1000 to 1000) decides whether the god will randomly (1) bless all their believers (2) bless random individual believers (3) curse their believers (4) curse random individual believers.

    Every god has a mood. This ranges from angry to happy. The followers of a god effect his/her mood. So if Mineboy3 worships a god, but does things that anger that god, it would make the god overall less happy. If you pray at an altar or temple to your god, it makes him happier.

    Things that affect mood would need to be configurable because it's going to take testing to find good gameplay numbers. But if a God's mood ranges from -1000 to 1000, the point of mood is that it means at 200 a god may give his believers a 5% chance of a blessing every X minutes, but at 1000 he may give a 20% chance at a blessing every X minutes.

    That's what the whole "config" idea is. Giving the ability to choose what makes a god angry, and what makes them happy. It could be as simple as letting mood be -1000 to 1000, then an example of a config would be something like this (not complete at all):
    God_Name: Zeus
        Description: &eSome stuff here
        mood_change_time: 5 (minutes)
        mood_change_amount: -5 (this means that every 5 minutes, the god's mood will go down 5, so believers have to keep doing things to make him happy)
        Player Actions Mood: (just a few examples, i can come up with a full list)
            player_eat_pork: -5
            player_eat_steak: 0
            player_eat_chicken: 0
            player_eat_carrot: 3
            player_kill_pig: -5
            player_kill_creeper: 5
            player_kill_believer: -20 (believer being anyone who also follows this god)
            player_kill_heathen: 10 (heathen being anyone who follows any other god)
            player_pray_temple: 25
            player_pray_altar: 10
        Sacrifice Mood:
            rate: 15 (how often will the god ask his believers to sacrifice him something)
    ########### ItemID,how many they want overall,% of the time they ask for this,mood if fulfilled,mood if failed
    ########### The % category would have to equal 100
            rate: 20 (how often to check a god's mood and check if he will or won't give all his believers a blessing)
    ########### This is the chance for a blessing at each mood level. -1000 to -901, -900 to -801, -800 to 701,... -100 to -1, 0 to 99, 100 to 199,... 800 to 899, 900 to 1000
    ########### type of blessing,quantity/time,percent of the time this blessing is given,level (if potion effect)
    hopefully that's all readable. it's just an example, i actually really like this kinda stuff, even if it's not a *huge* thing. basically the -1000 to 1000 just decides the random probability of people getting stuff. like this god will 75% of the time, if he blesses, give his followers regen 2 for 1 minute. 20% of the time he'll give regen 4 for 2 minutes, and 5 % he will give a stack of diamonds. :p

    Guess I made another kind of long post. I'm sorry I just like to try and be clear. :(

    Basically, I see that this in general isn't a plugin that's around, and I could see it being nifty and something that could actually be rather liked once people got used to it.
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    I really like your concept and idea, and now I see what you mean with config. I'll be happy to try and take this up. Just one thing though :p - does it have to be -1000 to 1000, why cant it be, for example, 1-100 or 1-1000, much simpler numbers like that. Although it won't make it any harder to code, it will just make it easier in my mind :p


    EDIT: Roughly, how many Gods will there be?
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    1) i think 1-1000 would be fine! as long as integers would be allowed in the config i think everything would work out fine. so you could have +3.3 mood for killing a heathen or something.

    2.) I think # of Gods should be configurable. however many are in the config is how many there are. like, i want 4 (maaaaybe 5) for my purposes, but i'm sure others could want more (or maybe even less).

    3) i could start coming up with a complete config layout (if what i posted is kind of usable). there's a few other things to add in... plus i was thinking that maybe even having gods able to have their mood change because of other gods.

    as in:
    God_Name: GodName_1
    ####### The first number is how this god's mood changes each time the other god's mood goes up 1. the second number is each time the other god goes down 1.
            GodName_2: 0,0
            GodName_3: 0,0
            GodName_4: 0.1,-0.1
            GodName_5: -0.5,0.75
    This could make it so that it would be difficult for all the Gods on the server to be happy at once, since some would hate others. In this config example, GodName_1 doesn't care about GodName_2 or GodName_3, but they are friends with GodName_4, since whenever 4's mood goes up, 1 will also go up (a very little bit). but God 1 must hate God 5 cause he gets mad whenever 5's mood goes up.

    Hope that makes sense. It's not necessary but would be sweet. default is 0,0 if no relationship is specified. (so the GodName_2 and GodName_3 lines could be omitted from the config and would have the same effect)
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    I quite like that addition, and yes I think the config up there ^^ is usable. It is easy to make it be able to do +3.3 Mood, as I can just make the number a double.

    EDIT: The Bukkit guidelines state that we cannot take it to skype, so should I talk to you and update you of progress here?
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    i guess so. i guess it'd be nice if someone chimed in as to whether skype would honestly be an issue... i would prefer that since i'm easier to get a hold of there. awesome that you like that idea/addition :D

    i'll keep coming by as much as possible, it's just a lot easier to use skype on mobile and everything. i'll try and figure out everything i want, then make that "fake config" and if there's any extra stuff you think would be cool that'd be great, too.
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    very related, yes, but it's definitely not the same. also the entire comment thread on the Gods plugin page is rife with people disappointed that it no longer works. it's actually that plugin being outdated and non-functional that led me to brainstorm something different that would even better suit my goals. :)

    i also tried blessings and it didn't quite work, and it doesn't have the functionality i'm going for anyhow.
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    Oh, thats unfortunate. I guess it can't be that hard updating it. Much easier
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