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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Brendan1768, Feb 13, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Admin tools

    Suggested name: WorldRestrict

    What I want: A plugin that can block players from certain worlds, AND can add a password to worlds. NOTE: ONLY add a password to a world if the player does the command to add one!

    Ideas for commands:
    "/wr block [playername]" to block a player from a world, "/wr password [password] [confirmpassword]" to set a world password, "/wr login [password]" to get into a locked world, and "/wr removepass" after login to remove a password.

    Ideas for permissions: None, please.

    When I'd like it by: Before March, but any time works!
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    I can make this for you, but
    Can only ops do /wr block, or anyone?
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    I will code you this little plugin :) It will be done in the next 2 hours
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    Ethan Rocks 365

    when i see a plugin i want to make someone else is making it already :( xD
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    Okay the plugin is finshed:


    I changed the commands a little bit =>

    /wr for Plugin-info (my name xD)
    /wr help for alls commands
    /wr block <Player> <World> blocks/unblocks a player in a specified world
    /wr lock <World> <password> <2password> locks the world with a password (only op)
    /wr unlock <World> unlocks the world (only op)
    /wr login <World> <password> login into a specified world (only possible, when your are not blocked in that world)

    if you wrote something wrong the Plugin cant handle that and it will send you no help-message!

    I hope this plugin suciffient for his Usage :) (Ps. Sry for my bad english)

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    Thank you so much, InstanceofDeath!! I'm gonna try it out now :D

    Yay! I just tried it out, and it's exactly what I wanted!! Thank you InstanceofDeath!!
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    Now I am happy xD
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