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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by t1tanium, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Hi :) i am quite familair with worldguard+worldedit but i cant understand how you do this:
    lets say this is the area u want to protect:
    i made a region for everything first
    how do i make so only one player can build on the ''O'' and not on the X:es?
    i tested /region flag <region> build allow but that makes every one able to build :/
    i also protect the walls 1 by one but it must be some easier way.
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    I'm sure its /region addowner <regionname> <SomeGuy'sName>...
    Try that for the protection for a single guy
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    thats not what i wanted :/
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    that is what you wanted

    set O as a region
    set X as a region
    give ownership of O to a player. That allows only that player (or more of you define it so) to build in that region

    EDIT: and set build to none
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    uhm thats neither what i want... and it doesnt work...
    What it want is:
    Lets think that i built a castle and the castle is called X
    and i want a small part of that castle to be able to build in for ONE player.
    how do i do that?
    u can call the small zone Y
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    Try this :

    Make your region X and then O.

    In a region just created, A basic user can't build. so nobody can build in X or O

    Set the parent of O : X with /region setparent O-region X-region
    with that, you override the X permission in the O region.

    Then add the user you want to build in O : /region addmember O-region User

    it should work ;)
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