[WorldGuard] [SRM] Regions built on by only the player who purchased it

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MartyrDan, Dec 19, 2013.

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    I am using SRM to build a town where players can buy there own sets of land that have a certain width, length and height. All these plots are surrounded by one big region which is my town. The town has all the flags to prevent any griefing what so ever from lava, fire destruction, mobs etc. I removed the build flag from the big region and now all little plots can be built on once a player buys his region and the plugin gives access to be a member of it.

    My player is the Owner rank which I gave a star to my rank and my name in PermissionsEX so I am basically %100 op. I have joined my server with a cracked client so I can join the server with offline players. I have found that Newbie-1 buys a region and can build and break everything, he still cant grief that region and cause destruction even on his own land, but my problem is: I want that plot region to be owned ONLY by the player who has purchased it (Admins and Owners can still modify). Now Newbie-2 can just come along and start destroying the region like it is his and I don't want any griefing in the town, that is made for the outskirts.

    Any help would be appreciated and if you need pictures and demonstrations of what I am talking about I am happy to post them.

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