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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BoredomKils, Apr 25, 2014.

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    This is a repost from my other thread that got locked, I didn't seem to make myself clear in my last post, where I'm not looking for a fix to some 'bug' in the plugin, I'm looking for an error on my part. The fact that I'm currently using MCPC+ to run the plugin has no effect on this matter. Thanks.

    The old post:

    I've got an issue with WorldGuard, and I'm 92% sure that it's user error. I want people listed in a specific region to be able to build, whilst the build flag is set to 'DENY'. How would I accomplish that? I thought I had it set it up correctly, but apparently it's not that simple.. This is the region's config:

    type: global
    priority: 0
    flags: {build: allow}
    owners: {}
    members: {}
    type: cuboid
    min: {x: 49.0, y: 63.0, z: -54.0}
    max: {x: 145.0, y: 138.0, z: 55.0}
    priority: 0
    flags: {creeper-explosion: deny, farewell: '&rHave fun!', greeting: '&cWelcome
    to spawn!', invincible: allow, use: allow, fire-spread: deny, other-explosion: deny,
    build: deny}
    players: [zarr_mwo, boredomkils, joker252]
    members: [ratchetguns123]

    The goal is to make it so ratchetguns can build within the area, zarr_mwo, myself, and joker252 are all OP, so we override the issue anyway. I've tried deoping myself and building, but it just gets blocked anyway, so I know it's the OP.

    As you can see in the global region, I set the global flag for building to allow, to possibly give something for the plugin to compare with.

    Am I doing something wrong?
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    Wrong. Do NOT use "Build Deny" because creating a region automatically makes it so people cannot build. Setting the Build flag to deny also prevents any members that are authorized to build. Remove the flag and you should be fine.

    You also don't need "Build allow" in __global__

    This is all you need to do when creating a protected region:

    /region create myzone boredomkils
    /region setpriority myzone 10
    /region addmember myzone zarr_mwo
    /region addmember myzone joker252
    /region addmember myzone ratchetguns
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    That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
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