Solved Worldguard Reentry Deny Help?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Squeezinq_, May 28, 2015.

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    Ok, im new to bukkit and this is my first post if you wanted to know :p
    Server is hosted on my comp
    anyways, my problem is
    I need to be able to let the players leave a worldguard region
    but not be able to come back inside it
    whenever I use /rg flag entry deny or /rg flag exit deny either the person is stuck inside or keeps getting a msg inside the region saying not permitted to enter(when in spawn) or cant go outside it
    My worldguard version is 6.0.0-beta2-02
    My server version is 1.7.10
    Here is a gyazo of what im trying todo(in the blocks, not commands, and srry for inventory covering up)
    Anyone got any ideas how it could work and how it could help
    ~Newcomer LOL
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    Honestly, what I would do is just raise the spawn up 2 blocks or so so that players can't jump back in.
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    Ill try that :)
    If someone else post a fix, then im looking for that though
    ty btw
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