WorldGuard Overlapping Regions

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DashAhead, Apr 27, 2014.

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    So I am making a prison server and I have some trouble with worldguard.

    First, I made a mine and made the whole mine as one region. I set a flag so nobody can build. Then, I made the actual mine a region and set it so people can build. No matter what I do players cant build. I even made c-mine, the actual mine region, the parent of c-stonemine, the actual mine itself, the child but it didnt work. How can I make it so players can build in the mine?
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    You also have to set the priority of the regions.
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    The child has a priority of 0 and the parent has a priority of 1.

    Should the child (the region being overlapped) be a higher priority?

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    This is how it should go.

    If you have "Ablock" and then two areas INSIDE that area called "Amine" and "Awood"(Like most prison servers do)you would make "Amine" and "Awood" have HIGHER priority then "Ablock" since they're on the inside.
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    DashAhead Yes, the child should have higher priority
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