WorldGuard not letting me break blocks

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MrMan253, Jul 26, 2013.

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    I did the command. /region flag __global__ build deny
    and then the comamnd /region addowner __global__ MrMan253
    I might have gotten that wrong here but I cant remember the exact addowner command. I can place blocks but not break them now. Help please! By the way I am OP
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    You could look at the /region commands to add owner but i'll do it for you. You have the addowner command correctly maybe try adding your self again by doing /region addmember __global__ MrMan253. Or try having a friend or someone else test it by adding them to the region.
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    MrMan253 - You're doing it wrong, haha. No offense.

    First, don't touch build flags unless you know you're doing. Only op's and region owners/members can build in worldguard regions BY DEFAULT.

    However, I see you're touching __global__ which makes me think you're trying to disallow building in all areas unless its a defined worldguard region? If so, then, you should use 'none' not 'deny' as the build flag is unique.

    Reference the wiki for further help.
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    obscurehero Is there any way in PEX I can just say that default group cannot build anywhere except one world "survival"?
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    I think PEX's version is modifyworld, but I'd stay away from that plugin;
    Essentials has 'AntiBuild';

    I'm sure there are other plugins that manage this, as well. What you want to do should be possible using the 'none' flag, not 'deny' for 'build' in the region '__global__'.
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    obscurehero I changed the flag in the world's config to build: none, I can still place, not break
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